Squirrel Class Home Learning​
05/07/2020 13:03Samuel.Turner - SCH.105
05/07/2020 13:03Samuel.Turner - SCH.105
Folder: Art and Design Technology
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Folder: Computing
19/03/2020 09:22Samuel.Turner - SCH.105
Folder: Design and Technology
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Folder: Easter Holiday
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Folder: English
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Folder: Geography
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Folder: German
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Folder: Guided Reading
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Folder: Handwriting
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Folder: History
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Folder: Maths
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Folder: Mindfulness
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Folder: Physical Activities
19/03/2020 09:21Samuel.Turner - SCH.105
Folder: Science
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Folder: Spelling
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Folder: Take a Break Activities
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Folder: Values
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Squirrel Home Learning Timetable.doc
20/03/2020 19:59Samuel.Turner - SCH.105
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Learning Packs

Squirrel Home Learning Timetable

Things to do over the next few weeks...

Last Week

Maths: Place Value (Review Booklet)

This week the children will be reviewing place value. Use the booklets and other resources to support your learning.

Remember: Ones first, then tens, then hundreds, then thousands.

Extension: Make your own sum to solve. Any challenges created I will post online for your friends to complete over the summer holidays (if they want to!).

English: Similie Poetry (All about you)

The children will be using similies to create a poem about themselves. Compare yourself using similies to create super poem about yourself! How inventive can you be? Try to expand your sentences using adjectives to make your poem more interesting.

Geography: Tea Stained Maps and Instruction Writing

Create your own pirate treasure map with an 'X' marks the spot using a cold teabag!  Next, write a set of instructions that will guide whoever finds your map straigh to the treasure. Don't forget to use your geographical language. (E.g. Take 10 paces north past the coconut trees, then careful move 5 paces east making sure to avoid the quicksand). 

Joke: Which football team to pirates support? Answer: Plymouth Arrrrrrghyle

Design Technology: Egg Drop!

Can you use different materials to stop your egg from breaking when you drop it? Send in pictures or videos of your experiement (successful or not!). Let's see who can come up with the best way to protect your egg!

Art and Design: All about me Silhouettes / Pirate Ships

1. Using the silhouette template, design an 'all about me' piece of art that expresses who you are! Fill every white space with things to do with you!

2. Design your own pirate ship! Follow the step by step instructions... then see if it can float!

Have fun! Stay Active! and remember to take Regular Learning Breaks!

*Head Teacher's Award!

Year 3 – Lillie for being a really supportive member of the class and making a great start back at school.

Year 4 – Sylvia for being really focused and contributing in class.

​Well Done!

​​​​​​          ​*Special Mention*
Well done to Harry for receiving a green badge from Blue Peter for creating a poster about protecting the environment! Fantastic!

​​​​​​            ​  Arts and Craft
​​​​​​            ​Matisse Artwork