​​​​​​​Our School Vision and Values​


We work together to support our children to become Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Risk-takers with a caring attitude to the world around them; each with an enquiring mind setting them ready to be educated citizens.

​We will achieve this by:

  • setting and achieving high educational standards through a creative, ambitious enquiry-based curriculum supporting our children to reach their full potential.​
  • fully exploiting our rural setting to inspire creativity and embrace outdoor learning opportunities.
  • providing an exciting and inclusive environment for our children to learn and develop, nurturing their health, emotional and social well-being.
  • empowering children for the next step of their learning journey.
  • collaborating with children, staff, governors, parents and friends to become positive members of our wider community​.​
​​Our School Council and staff have agreed on twelve values that we feel are important to our school. Each half term, we focus on one of these values, both in the classroom and as a theme for our school assemblies. These values are woven into our curriculum and each one has a particular focus at various point throughout the year.

 Our chosen values are:​

​​ School Values.JPG

This half term our school value is: Compassion