​​​​​​​​​Our Vision
We work together to support our children to become Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Risk-takers with a caring attitude to the world around them; each with an enquiring mind setting them ready to be educated citizens.

We will achieve this by:

  • setting and achieving high educational standards through a creative, ambitious enquiry-based curriculum supporting our children to reach their full potential.​
  • fully exploiting our rural setting to inspire creativity and embrace outdoor learning opportunities.
  • providing an exciting and inclusive environment for our children to learn and develop, nurturing their health, emotional and social well-being.
  • empowering children for the next step of their learning journey.
  • collaborating with children, staff, governors, parents and friends to become positive members of our wider community​​.

Our Values

Our School Council and Staff have agreed on twelve values that we feel are important to our school:













​​Each half term, we focus on one of these values, both in the classroom and as a theme for our school assemblies. These values are woven into our curriculum and each one has a particular focus at various point throughout the year.​​​​​

With this in mind, we aim to:


  • provide a safe, happy, caring and well ordered environment in which learning can take place and where each child is valued as an individual
  • help pupils develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question and discuss rationally, whilst appreciating others' right to have a different point of view and to be prepared to modify their own views if necessary, with good grace
  • prepare each child for their life beyond school, by encouraging - amongst other things - independence, cooperation, perseverance, responsibility, respect, originality, constructive self-criticism and a willingness to participate
  • ensure that pupils acquire knowledge and skills that are also relevant to adult life and future employment
  • help foster a sense of pride in the work that each child produces, by encouraging pupils to attain the highest standards in everything they do
  • help children learn the skills necessary to evaluate their own work
  • instil respect for religious and moral values together with tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life
  • help children to understand and care for people
  • help children to develop skills to form 'good relationships' in school life and in the outside world


  • foster a real sense of partnership in the education of our children by creating informed links between school, parents and children
  • ensure that our partnership is based on honesty, trust and mutual respect
  • be welcoming, helpful and informative at all times
  • actively involve parents in the life of the school.


  • support, challenge and develop every member of staff, thereby enabling them to give their very best to, and gain the very best from, the children in their care


  • promote equality of opportunity in respect of all staff and students
  • maintain quality of pastoral care for students throughout the school and to encourage parents' involvement in their child's progress and in the school in general
  • support the Head Teacher and staff in the monitoring of achievement with the aim that each child should generally make continuous improvement.​​​​