Churchstanton School is divided into two Key Stages catering for infants (Reception and Key Stage 1) 4-7 years of age, and juniors (Key Stage 2) 7-11 years of age.

  • Foundation Stage pre-school and Reception children
  • Key Stage 1 children in years 1 and 2 (Infants)
  • Key Stage 2 children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Juniors)

Children enter Reception in the September prior to their fifth birthday.  In order to be sympathetic to the adjustment children face in attending school for the first time, we stagger their entry according to age.  Children who become 5 during the Autumn Term (September-December) will generally become full-time by the October half term.  Children who become 5 after 1st January will be mornings only until after half term and the move to full time will be made in negotiation with parents, depending upon the needs of the individual child.  Further details are given at the annual New Parents Evening in May.

The school is organised on a class basis, with children spending the majority, if not all, of the school day with their class teachers.  In any one class there is more than one age group and this varies each year depending on overall pupil numbers.  During a normal week time spent on teaching is within the scales recommended by the DFE.  In addition, time is set aside for registration, a daily assembly and break.

Our children are organised into classes as follows:

Working alongside class teachers in all the classes are Teaching Assistants who help individuals or groups of children, some of whom may have special needs.

Children experiencing learning difficulties, or alternatively any child showing special ability, will have work programmed for them in those areas where it is appropriate.  Should this be the case, individual parents will be informed and invited to school to discuss their child's programme with our teacher responsible for Special Educational Needs and the class teacher.