Please see below a list of our school policies and procedures.  Where possible these documents are provided in both Word and PDF so you can choose which format you prefer to download.

Tip: You may find it helpful when opening PDF files to right click on the title and choose the 'Open in New Window' or 'Open in New Tab' option.

If you require any document on this site in another format - for example, Braille, audio, printed - please contact the school office and we will arrange to provide this free of charge.


Accessibility Plan.docx
Accessibility Plan.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy.docx
Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf
Attendance policy Sept 2018.pdf
Behaviour Policy September 2019.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy.docx
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
Child Protection Policy 2017.pdf
Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers 2019.pdf
Complaints Procedure 2018-19.pdf
Feedback Policy February 2019.doc
Freedom of  Information Policy.docx
Freedom of  Information Policy.pdf
Freedom of Information publication scheme.doc
Freedom of Information publication scheme.pdf
Home School Agreement.doc
Home School Agreement.pdf
Lock Down Policy and Procedures.docx
Policy for Appraising Teacher Performance.doc
Policy for Appraising Teacher Performance.pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection  2018 Churchstanton.docx
Safeguarding and Child Protection  2018 Churchstanton.pdf
SEND Policy (Updated Nov 2019).docx
Severe Weather Procedure.docx
Severe Weather Procedure.pdf
Sex Education and Relationship Policy.docx
Sex Education and Relationship Policy.pdf
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions.docx
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions.pdf
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