​​​​Year 3 and 4 

Spring 2020 - Trail Blazers

This term, Squirrel class are looking into the lives of inspiring people in history to help them to build their learning. The children are digging deeper into the work of Mary Anning and her discoveries of fossils to help them to create interesting stories that links alongside their history and geography (rocks). The children will be creating brilliant fact files using their own research into The Stone to the Iron Age which they will be sharing with the other classes and parents during assembly. 

Squirrel class are understanding the life and works of Pablo Picasso and his introduction of cubism, abstract paintings and sculptures. The children will be creating their own portraits in a Picasso style, using the different periods of his life (Blue and Rose Periods) as inspiration for their characters and colours that they use. Squirrel class are then going to design and create their own Picasso style sculptures out of clay to show off at our end of term exhibition in which our parents are invited to visit.

Autumn 2019 - No Place Like Home

This term, Squirrel Class are using the World War Two as the background from which to build their learning, alongside the idea of 'home'.
In English, we are looking at Emma Carroll's 'When we wer warriors' from which the children will be furthering their understanding of building a narrative based around a child living through WW2 as well as looking in depth at writing letters as a soldier in the war.

Squirrel Class will be presenting their narratives to Emma Carroll during her visit to the school. During her visit, the children will be undertaking a number of workshops and learning writing techniques from Emma Carroll herself and have an opportunity to meet the author they have been learning about.

The children will be learning about L S Lowry's wartime art and his unique artistic style from which the children will be creating their own L S Lowry pictures. 

At the end of the term, the children are holding an exhibition for parents to come and enjoy, through which they will show case their learning for the term, display their creativity and have the opportunity to share their experiences.​

When We Were Warriors Front Cover.jpg