​We believe that the Arts (music, drama, dance, visual art, design and literacy incorporating ICT wherever possible) are a fundamental part of the curriculum, offering opportunities for children to explore, express and communicate their feelings whilst gaining experiences of the wider world.

Through experiencing the Arts, children develop their creativity, self-esteem and confidence.

In our school 'The Arts' form part of the drivers that shape our curriculum, and our strong commitment ensures a full and rounded education for all our pupils.  Every child, regardless of race, gender, culture, background or ability, is entitled to a wide range and broad programme of Arts education at appropriate and challenging levels during and beyond curriculum time.

Learning in the Arts is enhanced by cross-curricular work whenever possible.  Advantage is taken of the adults in the school and local community who have talents in the Arts.

We aim to:

  • provide a broad, balanced and exciting arts curriculum which enables motivation, originality and imagination as well as development of skills through high quality arts experiences and resources
  • continue to raise the standards of arts education in school
  • enhance appreciation of different cultures through the arts
  • develop effective links with the community to strengthen and offer a diverse range of arts provision (InspirED, SAW)
  • celebrate artistic achievements of each child (Arts Award)
  • develop use of ICT and new technologies in creative work (Will Bix)

These aims will be met by:

  • continuing to develop links with artists and organisations
  • regular focused staff training in skills and curriculum
  • sharing good practice through school-to-school support and peer observations
  • broadening interests by introducing different arts experiences
  • providing a range of materials and skills with which to engage children
  • developing cross-curricular links, eg using performance as a stimulus for writing (Storytellers etc)
  • Performing to wider audiences and where possible in different venues (Wells, Brewhouse, The Academy)
  • using ICT to explore and extend creative thought (i-motion etc)
  • celebrating creative thought and outcome; valuing every child's contribution (Showcase, exhibition, concerts etc)
  • encouraging children to make their voice heard in how the Arts are presented to them (School Council)

We are a small school but children are given the opportunities to participate in a variety of extra-curricular arts activities.  Music lessons are offered to those children who wish to experience more specialised instrument provision.

We believe a partnership with an Arts organisation will demonstrate excellence and raise awareness of wider opportunities in the Arts.  Our curriculum provides children the opportunity to visit theatres, perform with other schools, experience artists and musicians, and participate in workshops.