"That they may have life, life in all its fullness"      
John: Chapter 10 Verse 10


Accessibility Action Plan.pdfAccessibility Action Plan
Accessibility Policy.pdfAccessibility Policy
Anti-bullying Policy.pdfAnti-bullying Policy
Attendance Policy.pdfAttendance Policy
Behaviour Policy - Golden Time Flow Chart.pdfBehaviour Policy - Golden Time Flow Chart
Behaviour Policy.pdfBehaviour Policy
Charging & Remissions Policy.pdfCharging & Remissions Policy
Children With Medical Conditions.pdfChildren With Medical Conditions
Collective Worship Policy.pdfCollective Worship Policy
Complaints Procedure and Guidance.pdfComplaints Procedure and Guidance
COVID19 Addendum to SG & CP Policy (1).pdfCOVID19 Addendum to SG & CP Policy (1)
Data Protection Policy including FoI Policy.pdfData Protection Policy including FoI Policy
Equality Policy.pdfEquality Policy
Governor Allowances Policy.pdfGovernor Allowances Policy
Home School Agreement.pdfHome School Agreement
Pupil Discipline Policy.pdfPupil Discipline Policy
Pupil Privacy Notice.pdfPupil Privacy Notice
RE Policy.pdfRE Policy
Relationships & Sex Education RSE Policy.pdfRelationships & Sex Education RSE Policy
Risk Assessment - COVID-19.pdfRisk Assessment - COVID-19
Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy.pdfSafeguarding (Child Protection) Policy
SOMERSET Data Sharing Agreement 20-21.pdfSOMERSET Data Sharing Agreement 20-21
Staff Code of Conduct.pdfStaff Code of Conduct
Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff.pdfStatement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff
Visual Code for Behaviour.pdfVisual Code for Behaviour
Workforce Privacy Notice.pdfWorkforce Privacy Notice