"That they may have life, life in all its fullness"      
John: Chapter 10 Verse 10




This year our Squirrels' Class is exclusively Year 5. The Class teacher is Mrs Rowson and the TA is Mrs Toyne.

Please see our Roadmaps for the projects we are working on and the curriculum page on this website to see which schemes and approaches we use to achieve the learning objectives for the year.

In addition to this, Squirrels will be taking part in a residential at PGL at Barton Hall in Devon.

There are also a number of visits planned. These include Cinema, Dunster Castle and theatre trips. These trips are designed to enhance the curriculum, to enhance cultural capital and support social skills.

In Year 6 all pupils sit SATS tests and so some of our focus in the core subjects is designed to enable Year 5 to be fully prepared.

Our Year 5 pupils support the children in Year 6 in leading a House project and frequently take the lead in collective worship either to read or enact parts 'as requested' or in worship they have planned themselves.



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