In all areas of the curriculum, we aim to engage, motivate and stretch each child.  We do this by providing stimulating lessons that are purposeful, enjoyable and responsive to each child.  Whenever possible, the children are active in their learning and we aim to give a wide range of real experiences to broaden the children’s thinking.
Sharing ideas is a core part of the learning process for all ages and the children are involved in questioning, explaining their observations and discussions with their peers and teachers.  We encourage our pupils to use their imaginations and to ‘have a go’.  We believe that being self-reliant and flexible in their thinking will be a lifelong asset. 
We are following the 2014 National Curriculum Programme of Study on a two-year rolling programme which can be found in our   1. Teaching and Learning Policy WORKING July2018.pdf1. Teaching and Learning Policy WORKING July2018.pdf  The academic year 2018 - 2019 falls into cycle 1.  Below are details of what each class will be covering during the Spring Term

Class 1


As a school we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme which encourages children to visualise, practically show, draw in a pictorial form and explain a calculation, as well as reason and apply to a problem solving situation. The aim of this is that children begin to have a greater depth of understanding.


Year 1s will be exploring place value and numbers within 50 before moving onto multiplication and division.  Year 2s will be starting with multiplication and division.  Mrs Thompson will continue to teach money on a Thursday. 




We will start by writing Instructions and Lists.  To help us we will be using Shh! We have a plan by Chris Haughton and We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

Then we will be learning about Stories about Feelings using The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water by Gemma Merino and The Dark by Lemony Snicket.

To help develop children's speaking and listening skills we will be continuing with Show and Tell on a Monday afternoon.

Science - Ourselves

We will be exploring how we change as we get older.  It would be lovely to see any photos of the children when they were younger.  We will also learn to measure how head, hands and feet.  Then we will learn about our senses


Computing - Multimedia


We will continue with the Active Byte Awards with the theme “I Safe and Secure.  In addition to online safety we will be using different multimedia to produce a news report. 



Our topic this half term is 'Understanding Christianity (Salvation) How should we live our lives?  Why are some places Special?
Our Christian Value this term is Perserverance

Topic - The Great Fire of London

We will learn about where and when the Great Fire of London started.  We will also learn about the events of the Great Fire of London and why the fire spread so quickly.  We will find out about Samuel Pepys and his diary.



 This half term, we will be developing our core strength through gymnastics with Premier Sports.  Cutcombe Class 1 will also be having swimming lessons at Duddings every afternoon for the week beginning 4th February.




We will begin music by exploring sounds. We will be listening to the sounds around us and creating some of our own.


Class 2


We continue to follow the White Rose Hub scheme. The children will not only have opportunities to increase their fluency of  maths but also will have opportunities to reason and explain their thinking. 

The childen are also focusing on the speed of their mental calculations and are encouraged to know all their times tables up to 12x by the end of year 4. Mrs Bond will focus on Multiplication and Division on her days and Mrs Jackson is focusing on fractions.


Wherever possible we link our English to our topic work or R.E. so this term we will be writing about the Stone Age.
We also will be focussing on settings in a story and the importance of adding detail and using the correct grammar.
We have weekly spelling tests based on spelling patterns and the key words relevant for their age group. highfrequencywords_1and2.pdfhighfrequencywords_1and2.pdf


This term we will learning about


We will continue to consider how to keep ourselves safe on-line following the ActivBYTE and ELIM planning. This half term we will be having fun learning to write simple computer games using SCRATCH.



 As Church schools we will continue listening and discussing stories from the Bible throughout the week.  We follow the Understanding Christianity planning and the focus being on Savluation


Topic - History/Geography/Art/Design 

​Our topic is Stone Age.




This is taught on a Mondy led by Premier sports and Cutcombe Class 2 will be having swimming lessons at Duddings every afternoon the week beginning 28th January.

The children also have t​he opportunity to represent the school in Friday football this term which is a weekly friendly indoor tournament against local schools.​


The children will have the opportunity to become familiar with the basics of French, counting, meeting and greeting as well as learning colours, phrases when on holiday, eating, shopping throughout their two years in class 2.


The children continue to have a ukulele lesson on a Tuesday.   In addition to learning an instrument the children learn to read music, identify rhyme and beat as well as discuss tempo and pitch.