In September 2017 Cutcombe and Timberscombe Schools joined with Exford, Dunster and St Dubricius to form the Moorland Federation with one governing body.  Please see the Moorland Fedaration Governors page for more information.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Governing Body

Cutcombe and Timberscombe C of E First Schools have one joint Governing Body.

The Governing Body consists of 14 governors:

  • an elected parent from each school
  • a staff representative
  • the headteacher
  • church officials from Cutcombe and Timberscombe
  • a governor nominated by the Local Authority
  • governors nominated by the Ellsworth Foundationaa
  • governors nominated by Timberscombe PCC and Cutcombe PCConeonone
a oneononecopOneoneoneWe may also co -opt one further governor for a particular role. The Governing Body and each of its sub-committees meet once each term.  The AGM of the Governing Body is in September each year.  The minutes of these meetings are available on this website or at the Timberscombe School office.

The Headteacher is responsible for the day to day running of the schools.  The Governing Body works with the Headteacher and is responsible for:


  • setting aims for the school
  • agreeing policies, plans and targets for improvement to match those aims
  • monitoring and evaluating the impact of the policies
  • accounting to parents and others for the work of the governing body and the school


  • supporting the headteacher and staff in the work they are doing in the school
  • offering advice and acting as a sounding board for ideas
  • asking relevant questions to seek information and commenting on proposals
  • monitoring the impact of policies and plans
  • planning improvements and evaluating the impact of those efforts


  • holding the headteacher and staff to account for the performance of the school
  • accounting to parents and others for the work of the governing body
  • setting the terms of reference for individuals and committees to whom the governing body delegates responsibility



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