Children today are surrounded by technology. It is part of their daily lives, and provides a world of information and experiences. Smartphones, tablets, games consoles, PCs and new technology such as Smart TVs and Google Glass all allow access to a huge variety of resources - but these aren't always safe for our children.
Children need to make safe and responsible choices all the time about what they do online. We can do that by giving them a supportive environment to talk about their concerns, and direct them to where to get help and support.
Click here to read our Online Safety Policy, and remember that our door is always open for your worries or concerns.

How do I support my child to make safe and responsible choices?

Help your child by talking to them about what they're doing online. Make sure your children know that if they get into difficulties and need help, they can talk to you or a trusted adult.
  • Have rules in place at home about how long technology can be used for.
  • If they're using social networks, discuss what they're doing and help them make good choices about talking with people they don't know, and being kind and polite to others. Remember that most social networks have an age restriction of 13 years and over.
  • If they're watching videos on YouTube, ask them what they're viewing and watch the videos yourself to see if the message is appropriate for their age. Many children have favourite YouTube 'stars' such as Zoella and PewDiePie - have you watched these videos?
  • If they're gaming, make sure you know what content the game involves and what the PEGI rating of the game is.
  • If they're using a Smartphone, consider how you can set restrictions about what they can download or view.
  • Look at your home network and how your Internet Service Provider can set filtering across all the devices in your home.

Help for parents

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