Provides an  age-appropriate online safety curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupils' interest ​   

  • Builds on the success of the original Somerset BYTE resources, updating for new opportunities and challenges​   
  • Increases pupil involvement and promotes active learning​
  • Provides continually updated full lesson plans, assemblies and support for teachers​   
  • Includes a continuous provision map for foundation stage​ 
  • Promotes partnership with parents, providing ideas for sharing learning with familes
  • Offers  a range of reward materials including posters, certificates , stickers and assessment 

Development of ActiveBYTE materials

The SSE eLIM Education Technology Team developed the original BYTE e-Sense Awards in 2012. As new online opportunities have emerged, and challenges for learners have increased, we have developed a fresh approach that focuses on active learning and using pupils' experiences to teach online safety. The new ActiveBYTES have been written by the eLIM Educational Technology team, and we would like to thank Beech Grove Primary School for enabling Matt Mustafic to be part of this process.    

Our thanks also goes to Selworthy and Fiveways Special Schools who worked with us to update the materials for learners on pscales.  

The ActiveBYTES scheme is available to all schools who subscribe to the SSE eLIM Education Technology Team.


Sample Year 2 lesson plan    

Sample Year 3 lesson plan    

ActiveBYTES Active Outcomes and Guidance

Termly lessons and assemblies focus on these themes:    

Autumn Term: I am kind and responsible    

Spring Term: I am safe and secure    

Summer Term: I am healthy    

Active outcomes, or objectives, are provided for each term. You can download them by year group under the Assessment link, or download all the active outcomes here.    

Guidance for primary schools can be downloaded here


Key Stage 1    

Key Stage 2    

Summer Assembly 1​​  OR ​Assembly 2 ​OR Assembly 3​ OR Assembly 4

Additional resources

Key Stage 1 pupil survey Word  ​PDF    

Key Stage 2 pupil survey Word  ​PDF     

Foundation Stage Home Survey  Word PDF

Pupil Voice Questions (FS - KS5)

Wor​d  PDF​ 

Response lessons and assemblies

Key Stage 1 Disturbing Videos    

Year 6 Snapstreaks    

Key Stage 2 Roblox (and Minecraft) assembly    

Key Stage 1 and 2 Digital Detox assembly  

Key Stage 2 Chasing Likes lesson/assembly  

Key stage 2 Data: What's the Problem?​​ 

Key Stage 2: Addictive technology​

Year 6: Online Gambling

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Links with Prevent

Resource list to support inclusion of Prevent within your PSHE curriculum

Download and print

Click on the document to download to your device. If you have problems, try using Internet Explorer and right-clicking on the document and selecting 'Save Target As' to save the PDF to your device.   

Some users have found difficulties when downloading PowerPoints from planning documents.  In Google Chrome in you can click on the link in the plan and choose show in folder from the drop down link next to the document in the bottom left of your screen.  From here you can open or save to an appropriate place.

All documents print in A4, apart from the A3 posters. The certificates are double-sided - check that you have selected 'flip on short edge' from the printer options.    

The stickers print on Avery labels size LP6538

In-school online safety training

The SSE eLIM Education Technology Team can provide in-school online safety training for staff, learners and parents. We are 360 Safe assessors, CEOP ambassadors, PitDA facilitators and eCadet Officers. Training can be part of your eLIM Education Technology team subscription, or contact us at

TeacherBYTE is a self assessment tool, based on our three areas of learning with their active outcomes.  It provides a way to assess the confidence of staff.