​​Recognise Reliability

Technology provides opportunities for creativity, collaboration and increasing our knowledge.  It is important 

 to understand:

          • where its use is appropriate

          • how we can use it responsibly

          • how to check the reliability of information and news provided ​on websites, social media, other parts of the internet​, and messages within games and apps

          • how to recognise and share appropriate knowledge.       

Progression to support learners to acquire and share reliable knowledge across the curriculum

Foundation Stage

Year 1 and Year 2

Year 3 and Year 4

Year 5 and Year 6

Explore and evaluate with Key Stage 1

Provide images hyperlinked to appropriate websites to investigate information e.g. Bugs SMARTNotebook

Explore then purposesfully use Simon Haughton's Infant Encyclopedia. Print list of images to discover on the website - what do these navigation icons do?

Use Apple Ant​ and Apple Crumble Day to consider reliability of information​

Use online encyclopedias to find things out:

Research and evaluate with Key Stage 2


nformation Detectives

​​​Resources for remote learning

FS plan and links for resources​ 

KS1 plan and links for resources

KS2 plan and links for res​ources

Explanation and learning videos​ for Recognise Reliaiblity

Resources to teach reliability

Fake websites

Apple Crumble Day (KS1 / KS2)

Apple Ant​ (KS1)

Dog Island (KS2)

Tree Octopus (KS2)

Victorian R​obots​ (KS2)

Petrol Direct (KS2)

All About Explorers (KS2)

Google Pigeons (KS2)​

​Using content on the World Wide Web

Images and Clipart Updated (Subscribers only)

Appropriate search engines


Primary Safe Search

Web resources

Safer Internet Day resources February 2021​

​Project Evolve (free to register) Managing Online Information

LGfL Trust Me materials​

BBC KS2 Evaluating digital content

​BBC  ​Should I trust everything I read on the web?​

BBC Quiz Real or Fake?

BBC Newsround Spotting fake news

BBC Newsround Fake News

​​Planning to support learners to recognise reliaiblity

These plans are for subscribing schools only as part of:

Year 2 Technology in our Lives 2: Do I Trust My Internet Search?​

Year 2 Technology in our Lives 3: Sharing My Search​

Year 3 Technology in our Lives 1: My Safe Sear​ching​

Year 4: Technology in our Lives 1: Check My Facts

Year 4: Technology in our Lives 2: Where is My Infor​mation​

Year 5: Technology in our Lives 1: Improve My Web Detective Skills

Year 6: Technology in our Lives 1: Checking Out My Websites

KS2: Technology in our Lives: Evaluating my Animal​