How can technology contribute positively to children’s lives?

How can we build resilience, independence and purpose for our learners?

Fit for the Future considered the ways we use technology to teach, the ways children can use technology to learn, and how these can impact on our learners’ fitness for the future.
Build the learning conversation at #SomersetConf2016


   Building Resilence

Phil Bagge led our thinking about how our hidden beliefs about computing affects how and what we choose to teach and how these beliefs can either liberate our pupils into becoming resilient problem solvers, or perpetuate learned dependence.  Phil suggested concrete strategies to reverse pupil helplessness and make pupils work much harder than you.  Phil is a Computing Inspector/Advisor working for Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Service. CAS Southeast Coordinator/facilitator and Computing Master Teacher.  Download presentation.

   Building Opportunity

John Galloway from Tower Hamlets is a specialist in the use of technology for inclusion.  He explored the increasing role of technology in creating possibilities for learners with special educational needs and disabilities.  How once specialist tools are now generic and ubiquitous, opening up opportunities for all pupils, and particularly those with additional learning needs.  Download presentation.

   Building Independence

Claire Hann-Perkins focussed on 'Flipping the fun back into learning'.  She described ways in which her school, Christ Church Primary School in Wiltshire, are using a flipped learning approach to build children's confidence and independence in learning and challenge us to consider how we could use this within our own context.  Download presentation.

    Building Purpose

Children from Beechgrove Primary in Wellington told us of the ways they are building the confidence of their peers to use technology responsibly and purposefully.  They challenged us to develop e-safety education in new and positive ways.  Download presentation.

 Building Collaboration

Russell Prue, a well-known award winning ICT Evangelist, author and broadcaster finished our day with a a live radio broadcast with contributions from groups of delegates.   Listen to eLiM Radio on Anderton Tiger Radio.




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