​​​​​​Blended Learning

Information and resources to support strategy and opportunities for blended learning. ​​


Guidance for a blended learning approach

Strategic development of Blended Learning provides a model of blended learning and provides areas for consideration as a school plans implementation and sustainability for the ongoing use of technology to support learning.

Checklist for implementation of blended learning can be used as part of contingency plan for changing circumstances due to COVID.

DfE Guidance: Safeguarding and Remote Education​ should be used to ensure staff understand how to follow safeguarding procedures when planning remote education strategies and teaching remotely. 

This optional DfE template can be used to fulfil the DfE expectation that schools should publish information about their remote education provision on their websites

DfE framework to support schools in reviewing their remote education provision

Homework Survey of Blended Learning for families with thanks to High Ham Church of England Primary school for sharing the questions they used to support them in developing their remote learning strategy

Guidance for digital accessibility from University of Sussex

Hello World article (page 16) by Catherine Elliot 'Supporting Students with SEND in Home Learning'

Rapid evidence assessment: Distance Learning Education Endowment Foundation

Remote Learning: Rapid Evidence Assessment Education Endowment Foundation

Support resources for schools Education Endownment Foundation including Home Learning Approaches, Supporting parents and carers at home and Communicating Effectively with Families

Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme for support for your school in addition to the support provided for our subscribing schools

Ofsted guidance: What's Working Well in Remote Education provides tips drawn from interim visits to schools.

Apply for funding to set up GSuite for Education or Microsoft 365 Education

Implementing a home learning strategy is the document we published in March 2020 and has been updated.  It includes advice about safe use of tools to share experiences and considerations for links to YouTube.  Government home learning guidance can be read here

Data Protection slides for teachers working at home

Data Protection frequently asked questions​ 


Video as part of Blended Learning

Each school will identify the purpose and appropriate tools for video within learning experiences.  Our spectrum of video in blended learning supports discussion of how video can impact on learning outcomes.

Schools that identify livestreaming where the learning benefits are greater than the risks will need to update their online safety and safeguarding policies.

Livestreaming statements for policy documents

Livestreaming statements for policy documents editable

Twenty Safeguarding Considerations for lesson Livestreaming (LGfL)

Videoconferencing in schools - data protection and safeguarding guidance for using Teams and Zoom

Remote learning guidance from South West Grid for Learning

Video Conferencing Services: Security guidance for organisations from National Cyber Security Centre​

Support for families partiicpating in livestreaming lessons

Live lesson in Google Meet

Live lesson in Microsoft Teams

Live lesson in Zoom


Celebrating examples of blended learning in Somerset Primary Schools

Schools are using an enormous variety of resources to support home learning across Somerset.  It has been exciting to hear about how each school are making experiences exciting and effective in ways that are unique to their setting.  Do get in touch if you have an example to share from your school.

Google for Education

Berrow Primary

High Ham Primary

St Georges RC Primary


Wookey Primary


Evercreech Primary

Website and Classdojo

Thurlbear Primary

St Louis RC Primary

Website and PurpleMash

St Bartholomews First School



Staying Safe and Healthy

Family Agreement materials to stay Healthy, Happy, Safe when using technology​

Letter sent out to remind families about ways to keep their children safe when enjoying the use of technology.  This has been shared by St Bartholomews First School who are happy for any other schools to make use of it.

Our 'Healthy Me Diary', developed with SASP, aims to support families to build healthy habits (both physical and mental, with and without technology) by regularly recording positive, healthy behaviours. It is an opportunity for parents and children to work together to recognise healthy habits, so they become a regular part of their lifestyle. Click the links below to download printable versions:

Healthy Me Diary - simple (2 A4 pages)

Healthy Me Diary - booklet (with symbols - 6 A4 pages)


GoBubble: Digital Communities to support pupil wellbeing

GoBubble.PNGGoBubble is a safer, healthier and kinder, digital community for all children, which allows them to interact with other pupils or teachers at their school and rewards kindness. GoBubble also offers the opportunity to collaborate with peers and professionals across the world. It can support any curriculum topic and seamlessly connects with other platforms.

More details about GoBubble can be found at www.GoBubble.school. ​

AV1 Robots

An AV1 robot can become the student’s ‘physical presence’ in the classroom when a young person is unable to attend school.  This could be due to sheltering or self isolation.  These are available to Somerset schools only to hire out as and when the need arrives. ​ Information is available on the SSE website​

Loan for AV1 robots for pupils needing to shield or self isolate

SSE offer training regarding the AV1 robots via Microsoft Teams, if you are interested in attending, please click here. 


Online Safety and Computing Home Activities

Make use of the online safety rap created by Ashlands and Misterton First Schools to encourage families to come up with their own raps.  This encourages children and families to continue to build the online safety habits that will help them now, and prepare them for their future.  You will find the progression in behaviours on our ActiveBYTE page.

Online Safety Rap

Remote learning about 'Recognise Responsibility

FS plan and links for resources 

KS1 plan and links for resources

KS2 plan and links for res​ources

Explanation and learning videos​ for Recognise Reliaiblity​

​eLIM have reviewed ThinkuKnow's home activities to link to our Building Habits progression for primary schools.

4 - 5 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources

5 - 7 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources

8 - 10 year olds remote online safety learning linking habits to ThinkuKnow resources

​eLIM have adapted some New Wessex Planning to provide home learning activities for Technology in our Lives:

Year 1 and 2  Discovering technology in our homes

Year 3 and 4  Thinking about technology in our communities

Year 5 and 6  Considering access to technology across the world

Barefoot Computing have published a number of home activities


Learning resource directories

​​DfE Online Learning resources​

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons​

BBC iPlayer Bitesize Daily ​