Has your school purchased iPads? Are they being used to support learning across the curriculum, or do you consider their use to be limited (e.g. research, practising repetitive skills).


We have put together a range of resources to help you embed iPads in English and Maths.These resources mainly use the in-built features and apps of the iPads such as the camera and iMovie. There are ideas for using iPads to support the aims of the National Curriculum, and suggestions for staff training to extend teachers' confidence and broaden their expectations.

We have also curated a set of core apps for each phase, based on feedback from Somerset schools. Most are free, but some are paid-for apps that we consider to be essential for schools. We have suggested how these can support the requirements for English and Maths. 

These resources build on the work of the original Somerset iPad project, where teachers shared their experience of using iPads with primary learners. They are for SSE eLIM Ed Tech subscribing schools who wish to plan for and implement a roll-out of tablet devices in their school. 

NOTE- this page (only) is no longer maintained and so please be advised that IPad content may not be the most current version

Apple Teacher Programme


apple teacher programme.png
The Apple Teacher Programme is a free suite of professional development tools to support teachers using Apple devices (iPad and Mac) in the classroom. Teachers using the tools can apply to be accredited as an Apple Teacher, free of charge

The programme is designed to support teachers to use the in-built features and apps of the iPad, such as the camera, Notes, Photos, iMovie, Keynote etc. It teaches you how to use the apps together to increase the opportunities you can provide for learners, and make the best use of free resources without purchasing more apps.

Apple recommend that every school using Apple devices supports at least one member of staff to become an Apple Teacher.