​"Digital literacy is the combination of skills, knowledge and understanding that young people need to learn in order to participate fully and safely in an increasingly digital world. It builds the capabilities for an individual to live, learn and work in a digital society." Digital Literacy: Teaching critical thinking for our digital world, Becta 2010

Digital Literacy is built into Somerset ActiveBYTES and the Technology in our Lives blocks of the New Wessex Computing Planning.  In addition we provide further support below to support the wider development of confidence to increase understanding of digital literacy, in terms of research information, across the whole school curriuclum.

 Planning for learners

See planning:
Archived Somerset Primary Planning for Digital Literacy

What could I use?

Fictional websites

Apple Crumble Day (KS1 and KS2) See New Wessex Plan for Year 2 or LKS2 or the Year 4 plan​

Apple Ant​ (KS1)

Dog Island (KS1/2)

Tree Octopus (KS2)

Victorian Robots (KS2)

Petrol Direct (KS2)

All About Explorers (KS2)

Google Pigeons (KS2)


Using content on the World Wide Web

Images and Clipart Updated (Subscribers only)


Appropriate search engines


Primary Safe Search

Safe Search Kids
Finding things out

How do I do that?

Explore and evaluate with Key Stage 1

Provide images hyperlinked to appropriate websites to investigate information e.g. Bugs SMARTNotebook

Explore then purposesfully use Simon Haughton's Infant Encyclopedia. Print list of images to discover on the website - what do these navigation icons do?

Use Apple Ant​ and Apple Crumble Day to consider reliability of information


Research and evaluate with Key Stage 2

Poster for classroom - Searching the World Wide Web

Evaluate a website

Read a web address


All About Explorers www.allaboutexplorers.com