Open-ended challenges provide an opportunity for learners to make use of the computational thinking they have developed through programming activities to build mastery of computing.  Computational thinking will support learners to develop independent learning in all areas of the curriculum.

The documents on this page are for subscribing schools only with the exception of the challenge template which is publicly available for education not for profit use.

Support materials to develop open-ended challenges

Download the Developing Challenge Book

This includes support notes for each challenge.  It provides ideas on how the challenges might evolve.  It sets expectations for outcomes for each year group.   

Other materials available for download: 

Developing open-ended challenges

Challenge process poster (with links to computational thinking)

Challenge template (also available in Word) (Publicly available for educational non-profit use)

Examples of exploration challenges (FS and KS1 learners)

Examples of purpose challenges (lower KS2 learners)

Examples of combining, analysing and evaluating challenges (upper KS2 learners)


Teachers may find Livingstone Academies 'Problem-Solving and Computational Thinking Rubric' useful in assessing the ability of children to use computational thinking in the Open-ended Challenge process.

STEM Challenges: Teachers working with STEM ambassador 2018

Warehouse / Supermarket challenges   

Internet of Things / Protecting identity challenges  

Housing / Locality challenges

Coastline challenge 

Building bridge challenge    

Cybersecurity challenge​  

Examples of challenges linked to Wessex Computing Plans for each year group​

​Bee-Bot​Tablets are toys?​Plants
Year 1 A  Year 1 B Year 1 C
Year 1 A Year 1 BYear 1 C
Town Guide​ School Mascot​Path shape
Year 2 AYear 2 BYear 2 C
Year 2 AYear 2 BYear 2 C
Rocks​ Dance​Local river
Year 3 A​Year 3 BYear 3 C
Year 3 A​Year 3 BYear 3 C
Game​ Branching Data​ Sweet Store​
Year 4 A​ ​Year 4 B Year 4 C
Year 4 A​ Year 4 B ​ Year 4 C
Fire Alarm Number facts​ School Advert​
Year 5 A​Year 5 B Year 5 C
Year 5 AYear 5 B Year 5 C​
Trailer​ Quiz​ Activity Guide​
Year 6 A ​Year 6 B Year 6 C​​
Year 6 A ​Year 6 BYear 6 C