​​​​​​The purpose of study for Computing contains some 'big ideas'! We want our learners to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.  We want to empower them to be active participants in our digital world see Programme of Study.  We will equp them to be digital citizens, digital creators, digital communicators and digital investigators.

New Wessex Planning


New Wessex Planning provides a customisable computing curriculum for primary schools.  It is based on the Somerset Model for Primary Computing with five areas of learning.  This planning updates and extends the Wessex materials.  Schools are able to identify blocks of learning appropriate for their setting and develop their own scheme of work.  

New Wessex Planning is freely accessible for school subscribing to Support Services for Education, ELIM, Education Technology Team.  For other schools:

  • Annual subscription to New Wessex Planning £150 ​
  • Annual subscription to all content on the website £270



Somerset Model for Primary Computing Curriculum


 Five areas of learning have been identified from the KS1 and KS2 Computing Programme of Study.  We worked with SENCOs from primary schools and computing leads in special schools to identify what this can look like in for SEN learners.




 Considering Resources

 Resources for teaching computing    PDF   Word

Device Inclusive Overview for New Wessex Planning.pdf

iPad apps for teaching computing (Subscribing schools only)

Android apps for teaching computing (Subscribing schools only)

​Tablets for Learning webpage