Scratch is an exciting resource for children to discover and build their confidence in programming.

Action research, discussion with learners and teachers, consideration of learning theory and in-class teaching has lead to a teaching model of guided discovery to develop learner confidence and belief in themselves as programmers and then, where possible, to encourage learners to sometimes modify projects and sometimes to:

  • Act it out
  • Think about what they want to do
  • Plan what they want to do
  • Create their program
  • Evaluate their program

Work with Scratch online or download for Windows/Mac version 2.0 offline    Watch a video of what is possible.

Developing use of Scratch

Use ideas and thinking below to develop skills and confidence in using Scratch.  Look at lesson plans for KS2 year groups in New Wessex Computing Planning to progressively develop learning.


Developing basic skills and thinking

Progressive activities 

Computational Language in Scratch

10 block challenge (can be 3, 5, 7 etc!)

Challenge questions:  What happens if ...

Mathematic Challenges

Playing with shape Challenges

Further Challenges

New Wessex planning​ - core programming blocks for years 3 - 6

Video tutorials on Scratch site

Nuts and bolts videos


Multimedia Scratch (Subscribing schools only)

 Opportunities to use different media to challenge thinking and create exciting things!



Use Scratch online to develop e-Safety


The Scratch online community is a great place for children to share their own ideas; and to get ideas from others


Building of responsible online behaviours through Scratch community


A letter to share the responsibility of use of Scratch community with parents and carers 


A letter to share the responsibility of use of Scratch community with parents and carers 


KS3 and KS4 Development of Scratch leaflets




Other resources

ScratchMaths University College London - See New Wessex Year 4 Programming 5, Year 5 Programming 5 and Year 6 Programming 5.

Phil Bagge Scratch Planning - exciting ideas to challenge thinking 

Scaffolds for planning games

Create transparent PNG image files for Scratch projects

Case studies exploring the benefits of programming with Scratch in Somerset Primary schools

Great blog full of Scratch ideas including this one of a challenge based on a forever loop to create a circle