​​​Children are using a range of technology at home and in school.  Schools can provide opportunities to develop the confidence of young learners to select and use technology for particular purposes.  Technology can be part of all areas of learning in the early years and foundation stage.

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Survey of home use of technology (Thank you to Knights Templar First School)   Word   PDF

Technology Role play ideas (subscriber only)

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Poisson Rouge is now an annual subscription service £30 for up to 30 devices, but also includes free resources.
Nursery rhymes to listen to on any device.
16 free online EYFS educational games.
A variety of free resources available.
Stories for younger children include the pondlife adventures of Prince Bertie the Frog, stories about pirates, witches, birds and animals.
A wide range of activities, stories, games and songs for young learners.
Support for planning the uses of technology to underpin each principle of the EYFS.  This site is the new version of the old ICT in Early Years site which provided fantatic planning materials. 
Radio versions of stories for 3 - 5 year olds.
Activities to develop computational thinking in early years
This is a toolkit to purchase that aims to highlight and endorse best practice for managing the risks associated with online technologies.

The toolkit includes policies and procedures which should be used as exemplars of best practice.