​​​​​​​​Leading Technology for Learning
  • Implement and monitor an appropriate computing curriculum.
  • Encourage the use of technology to raise achievement across the curriculum.
  • Support staff to develop skills and knowledge in the use of technology for learning and teaching.
  • Support safeguarding lead and online safety co-ordinator to embed responsible use of technology across the curriculum and as part of ethos of school

Review the use of technology to support learning

  • Does your Computing/Technology Policy reflect what is happening in your school?
  • Are all areas of Computing being experienced by learners of all ages?
  • Are staff confident to use a variety of hardware and software across the curriculum?
  • Do you plan a regular review to maintain knowledge of technology use across the school?

Plan for progression in Computing capability

  • Do you have a long term plan for technology indicating the areas of the curriculum where learners will develop their capability? 
  • Is the short term planning for Computing part of other subject planning?
  • Do you monitor progression:
    • Computing experiences?
    • Computing capability?

Develop the use of technology

  • Do staff have time to explore and share possibilities?
  • Is computing effectively assessed in your school?  Does this develop both capability and innovative use of technology?
  • Does the school keep up to date with new developments in technology?
  • Does the school have a plan to maintain and update infrastructure and devices?

Develop Online Safety

  • Are there regular opportunities for staff to increase their understanding and knowledge of online safety issues?
  • Do you have a planned online safety curriculum implemented by all class teachers? Is online safety embedded in all learning?
  • Is there an online safety group (adults and learners) with responsibility for online safety?
  • Does the online safety group regularly review online safety across the school? 

Key Tools to develop technology in your school

Developing and monitoring the use of technology

Element 2 and Element 3 can be used to monitor and plan

Staff Audit​ - Computing skills and confidence

Self evaluation - ​​Technology Enhanced Teacher​

Evaluate range of experiences:
'Learner As' model

'Learner As' matrix

'Learner As' matrix (special schools)​ 

Planning for Computing

Computing P​olicy

Plan a curriculum

Identify appropriate softwar​e and hardware and apps

Assess and evaluate

Purchase information guidelines

Buying for schools guidelines from DfE including ICT

Guidelines if considering leasing​

Developing online safety

360safe review tool

ELIM resources to support development

Somerset ActiveBYTEs prog​​​ressive online safety curriculum