Imagine that an alien contacts your school, out of the blue, asking to learn more about the technology you use on Earth?
That’s the beginning of Technology Week, created by eLIM in collaboration with Alison Holt (Hatch Beauchamp Primary School) and Janet Ross (West Monkton Primary School and CAS Master Teacher) and available to eLIM subscribing schools.
During the week, your learners will be able to share all the exciting things they can do with technology – and learn some wonderful new things too!
There are opportunities for Programming, Multimedia, Handling Data and thinking about the technology we use in our lives. Throughout the whole week, they will be considering how to stay safe when they go online, how to be kind and considerate to others, and how to stay healthy while still making the most out of the online world.
The planning is split into phases: Foundation Stage, Key Stage One, Lower Key Stage Two and Upper Key Stage Two. Each day begins with an assembly and a video message from Techn-I the alien, to encourage learners to think about a different aspect of the technology they use. On the final day, they are presented with a challenge that brings together all their learning for the week and asks them to consider how they could share this with their families. This is an opportunity for learners to develop ‘mastery’ once they are working at age expectations, and demonstrate how they can work independently but also interdependently, collaborating and sharing with others.

eLIM subscribing schools can download the Technology Week planning booklet here

Don't subscribe? You can purchase the booklet for £25 - email​ for more details