Ethos and Values​

At Fairlands Middle School we strive for the highest possible standards in the core skills, as well as providing quality specialist teaching throughout the age range. We will make the most of the opportunity to teach children who are moving towards adolescence and coming to terms with their own growing up.  Fairlands Middle School will support its pupils at this vulnerable time of their lives by developing their sense of security and belonging to family, school and society as a whole.

• To ensure that every pupil achieves their potential
• To develop pupils as independent learners with lively enquiring minds
• To establish a safe and supportive learning environment
• To develop the pupils’ understanding of healthy and active lifestyles
• To help the pupils discover their own identity and ensure that they are actively involved in the life and work of our school community
We will achieve our aims by:
• providing high quality learning opportunities for knowledge, understanding and skills
• sustaining and promoting high expectations
• evaluating performance of pupils and staff in an open and fair manner
• ensuring pupils attend and enjoy school
• utilising the full range of learning styles
• recognising and celebrating success
• engaging parents as partners in the pupils learning
• ensuring that the relevance of our curriculum is understood by the pupils and starts to prepare them for working life
• keeping the children safe from bullying, harassment and discrimination
• regularly checking the physical environment for health and safety issues
• ensuring that the curriculum provides for a full physical education programme and that pupils can access extra-curricular sport and recreational activities
• having high expectations regarding behaviour for learning
• providing a full personal, social and heath education programme
• encouraging pupils to respect and take pride in their environment
• instilling respect for others and diverse ways of life
• ensuring our citizenship programme is a full and integrated part of the curriculum
• engaging the wider community to assist in meeting of the above aims
• encouraging pupils to recognise and undertake responsibility and develop leadership skills