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​​​​​Schools by their very nature process a lot of personal data. This data can be very sensitive in nature, detailing medical as well as other aspects such as attainment and performance. Our main driver in terms of data security is the interest of the data subject, the person about whom we hold data. Schools are no different to other institutions and must make sure that policies and procedures are created and adhered to. They also have the responsibility to train and support staff in applying data security practices.

All schools must have policies and procedures to inform staff what to do. One of the statutory policies is a Data Protection Policy. Schools also must publish Privacy notices for both parents and the workforce detailing what information they store and who they have approved to process the data. All schools will also have an Online Safety Policy that will give guidance as to how staff will use technology and this will be linked to an Acceptable User Policy (AUP).

At Greenfylde the following people have key responsibility for data protection:

Data Protection Lead – Claire Oaten, Headteacher

Data Protection Officer – Amy Brittain (County Council)

Data Protection Governor Lead – Guy Adams, Chair of Governors

Should you have any concerns regarding data protection please speak to the school office who will forward these to the Data Protection Lead.​