​Listed below are some of the school's key information and statutory documents. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the information further please contact the school.
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Department for Education Performance Data - Greenfylde CofE First School


2020 - 2021 Academic Calendar.pdf
Greenfylde CE VC First SIAMS report May 2019 Excellent ocx.pdf
Ofsted Final Report 2009.pdf
School Prospectus - updated July 2020.pdf
Statement of British Values.pdf

 Please be aware, roles of Governors may change inbetween policies being ratified - an up to date list of Governor responsibilities is available at https://www.somerset.org.uk/sites/greenfylde/SitePages/Governors.aspx​​

Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
Children Look After Policy Mar 2019.pdf
COVID19 - Annex 1 School Safeguarding Policy March 2020 final.pdf
COVID19 - Annex 1 School Safeguarding Policy May 2020 updated.pdf
Drugs Policy Oct 2015.pdf
eLIM adopted CCTV Policy 2018.pdf
Equal Opportunities Policy Mar 2017.pdf
Equality Information Jan 2019.pdf
Equality Policy Jan 2019.pdf
Equality Statement Jan 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Accessibility Plan Oct 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Anti Bullying Policy July 2020.pdf
Greenfylde Assessment Policy  inc Recording, Reporting, Editing, Marking and Presentation - Dec 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Attendance policy May 2020.pdf
Greenfylde Behaviour Management Policy Oct 19 amended May 20 for Covid 19.doc.pdf
Greenfylde Behaviour Management Policy Oct 19.pdf
Greenfylde Collective Worship Policy  March 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Confidentiality Policy including use of social media Sept 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Curriculum Policy Sept 2019.pdf
Greenfylde homework policy.pdf
Greenfylde Inclusion Policy Oct 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Model Policy for Offsite visits and Activities V4 July 2020.pdf
Greenfylde Pupil Premium Policy July 2020.pdf
Greenfylde pupil well being policy Nov 2018.pdf
Greenfylde RE Policy January 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Safeguarding Policy Sept 2019.pdf
Greenfylde Safeguarding statement Sept 19.pdf
Greenfylde School Security Policy May 2020.pdf
Greenfylde SEND Information Report Oct 2019.pdf
Greenfylde SEND Policy Oct 2019.pdf
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