​School Day

We supervise Children in the playground from 8.45 am

Early Risers

Children can attend our early morning club which opens at 8.00am and is held in the school hall on school days. Breakfast is provided as well as activities all in the warmth and welcome of the school environment. Children can join later at 8.25am and we supervise all children in the playground from 8.45am.
School starts with registration at 8.55 am which closes at 9.00 am.
Please make every effort to get your child to class in time in the morning as this is important.

Breaktime from 10.30 -10.45am. Reception children along with years 1 and 2 have fruit provided free under a government initiative. The older children may bring in a piece of fruit or other wrapper-free healthy snack.
Milk can be ordered from School Milk through their website. Children under the age of 5 are entitled to free milk until their 5th birthday. The milk is delivered to the school where it is kept in our fridge before being distributed at playtime to the children who have ordered it.


All the children have lunch time from 12.00 to 1.00pm

Catkins class children come in to the Hall first, sit down and are served their meal, which they have with a fruit juice drink and plenty of water. Our meals come from Maiden Beech Academy.
Please see the School Meals page in 'About Our School' to find out more.

Hazel class follow and either collect their meal or take in their packed lunch.

All the children sit where they like so that friends can chat and socialise over their lunch. We ask that lunch boxes do not have any fizzy drinks or sweets in them, as we are a Healthy School PLUS. Our children learn about eating healthily and the benefits of exercising in their Personal, Health and Social Education (PHSE) lessons and in science.

After they have eaten their lunch, the children have a playtime. This is on the large field when the weather allows and on the roomy playgrounds when it doesn’t. They have plenty of playground equipment if they want to use it.

For those who prefer a quieter time, we have a second playground which is a QUIET area. Here children can sit in the gazebo or use the games table to play some games with their friends.
On really wet days, the children play in their classrooms.

School starts again at 1.00pm and finishes at 3.15pm. 


We have an assembly at the end of the daywhen the whole school comes together. Assemblies are broadly Christian and often are based on our Christian values . ​Each assembly ends with an act of collective worship. The vicar of St. Michael and All Angels leads an assembly and act of worship in the school each week. In addition, the school attends services at the church to celebrate events in the school and the Christian year.  
 We have a variety of after school clubs that run until 4.15 or 4.30pm.