​​​We have a thriving PTA who run an amazing number of events throughout the year - see the annual calander for more details, which can be found at the front of the children's planners or in the Dates drop down menu. Each week there is a section in the 'Weekly Bulletin' which tells you about their latest events and the amounts they have rasied. In the last few years they have paid for a classroom to be converted, a set of mini ipads, outdoor play equipment as well as a range of special treats for the children.
PTA Members: 
Sue Heywood - Chair
                        - Vice Chair
Lisa Whiteing 
and Nicol Parker-Binns- Joint Secretary 
Katy Pimblett​ - Treasurer

Class Representatives:
Ash: Nicky Gundry, Nicol Parker Binns, Maryanne Matthews, Katherine Armstrong and Abbie Armstrong.
Cedar: Nicol Parker-Binns
Elm: Louise Campbell-White, Liz Braiding and Madeleine Marsh.
Maple:  Lisa Whiteing and Katy Pimblett
Oak:  Emma Purchase, Kiersty Andrews and Danielle Westmoreland.
Willow: Kelly Hounsell, Sue Heywood and Madeleine Marsh.

Contact details:  highhampta@gmail.com 


During the year the PTA have provided an enormous amount of opportunities for the children which have really helped to make their year special and memorable from the end of term treats (circus skills, space dome, Punch and Judy show - photos below)  to providing refreshments at many events as well as trophies for when the children leave High Ham. The range of fundraising activities is extremely varied, catering for all tastes. This has included, discos, film nights, Easter egg hunt, santa gifts, food at the field camp event, Christmas cards, Mothers day gifts etc. Please watch our slideshow to see some of the events which were tweeted last year. Please watch the film at the bottom of the page to see a few of the activities that went on during 2018/9.









PTA Updates – please click on the link to find out more or keep an eye on the school twitter account (@HighHamSchool - #HighHamPTA). This year we are saving towards a shleter for the outdoor play area, books for the library, end of term treats, trophies and easter egg hunt as well as the annual Christmas party.




Fundraising Links: