​School Development Plan Priorities 2019-20


Priority One:​


To continue to raise standards of teaching and learning and ensure the more able children are being challenged in English and Mathematics throughout the school to improve the % of children reaching greater depth

The school was judged as ‘Good’ in the last Ofsted inspection (2018), however; the next step for the school is ‘to strengthen the approach to the teaching of mathematics so that pupils develop good problem-solving skills across the range of subjects and an increased proportion achieves at a greater depth’. This % has increased in 2018-19, but needs to continue to be a priority, together with a focus on increasing the % of children reaching greater depth in reading and writing.

The Headteacher makes her high expectations very clear and staff are fully aware that to maintain this judgement and develop further, the most able children must be challenged through greater depth activities in English and Mathematics and progress must always be evident in the children’s books.

Priority Two:

To raise the profile of mental health and well-being for children and staff 

RATIONALE: To raise the profile of mental health and well-being throughout the school to ensure that staff have a healthy work/life balance and children know how to keep themselves healthy and safe.​ 

Priority Three: 

To enhance provision and develop the wider curriculum, including further use of the outdoor space. 

RATIONALE: The basic provision is good and the wider curriculum is already enhanced. However, there remains greater scope to develop provision and the wider curriculum further including the outdoor space to improve outcomes for children.

Priority Four: 

To raise the profile of Christian Distinctiveness 

RATIONALE: To ensure the recommendations given during the last SIAMS inspection are fully embedded within school practice so that the school is ready for their next inspection and the profile of Christian Distinctiveness is raised.