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Welcome to the Woodpecker Class page.  

Mr. Batchelor is the class teacher for Woodpecker class.  He is supported by Miss Trowbridge, Mrs Cheffey, Mrs Wyatt and Mrs Blunn. 

Woodpecker class is made up of Reception chidlren and Year 1 children.  We are a class who are interested in finding out more about our world and use our interest in what is happening around us to develop our knowledge and understanding.  We love learning new skills and enjoying new experiences.  We use these to make connections between our learning. 


Reading Reception and Year 1
Reading in Reception and Year 1 is the most important aspect to home learning. Reading is not just about recognising and ‘reading’ words, it is about understanding what is being read. Reading everyday with your child will help them to develop in all aspects of their learning. When you are sharing a book with your child it is important to ask them questions about the story. For example, can they predict what the story is about from looking at the front cover?  Can they say what will happen next or at the end of the story? Can they describe the characters or the story setting?  Can they explain why they like/dislike the story?  Who is their favourite character and why?


Both Reception and Year 1 children will receive a new set of spellings each week. The spellings are linked to words they are learning in their phonics. The expectations are that your child will be able to read and write the words given before a new spelling is issued.

Year 1 Homework

Year 1 children will receive an additional piece of homework that is linked to the learning your child is doing in class.



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What have we been doing recently?

This term children in Woodpecker class are learning about our local area.  To start this topic we went for a walk around Hinton to look at local landmarks and important buildings.  It was a soggy day but everyone walked sensibly and could share their knowledge about the village.  We are going to be learning about the physical and human features of our area as well as comparing it to other places in the UK and internationally.  We will also be learning about some of the history of the surrounding area​​.
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