​F​orest School

The ethos of Forest School is based on a fundamental respect for children and young people and for their capacity to instigate, test and maintain curiosity in the world around them. ​

​It believes in children’s right to play; the right to access the outdoors; the right to access risk and the vibrant reality of the natural world; and the right to experience a healthy range of emotions, through all the challenges of social interaction, to build a resilience that will enable continued and creative engagement with their peers and their potential.

Forest School came to the UK in 1993 after a team from Bridgwater College visited Denmark and saw how outdoor education was valued and used to educate young learners, encouraging appreciation of the natural world and promoting awareness of a responsibility to conservation in later life.
Forest School at Martock Primary School aims to encourage and inspire children by setting achievable tasks in an outdoor environment. We encourage the balance between adult directed and child initiated activities thus promoting positive self esteem and the opportunity to encourage children to listen to one another as well as the adult in charge.
Each child is good at something; our job is to help them discover what this is. We can then encourage independent decision making and give children a realistic view of their own potential.