Policies and Document

Martock Attendance Policy Dec 2017.pdf
Martock Curriculum Class 1 (Y1) and Class 2 (Y2) 2018-19 (Year A).pdf
Martock Curriculum Class 3 (Y3) Class 4 (Y4) 2018-19 (Year A).pdf
Martock Curriculum Class 5 (Y4 Y5) and Class 6 (Y6) 2018-19 (Year A).pdf
Martock Curriculum Class R (YR) 2018-19 (2).pdf
Martock Curriculum Policy June 2017.pdf
Martock Curriculum Statement June 2017.pdf
Martock Educational Visits Policy Oct 2019 GOV.pdf
Martock Handwriting Policy Jan 2016.pdf
Martock Home Learning Policy Sept 2018.pdf
Martock Maths Policy December 2017 (2).pdf
Martock PE Policy April 2019.pdf
Martock RE Policy May 2017.pdf
Martock Reading and Phonics Policy Nov 2017.pdf
Martock Sex and Relationships Policy Oct 2017.pdf
Martock Writing Policy Sept 2016.pdf
RE Statement of Entitlement to support Martock RE Policy May 2017.pdf
Pupil Premium Review of 2018-19 and Plan 2019-20.pdf
School Development Plan 2019 2020 (3).pdf
Sports Premium Review of 2018-19 and Plan for 2019-20.pdf
Martock SEND Policy Oct 2017.pdf
Martock SEND Report 2017-2018.pdf
SEND Impact Report 2017-18 .pdf
SEND Information Report and County Local Offer March 2019.pdf
Martock Accessibility Plan Jan 2017.pdf
Martock Anti-Bullying Policy Feb 2017.pdf
Martock Behaviour Policy Feb 2019 (2).pdf
Martock Charging Policy Oct 2017 GOV.pdf
Martock Children  with Medical Conditions Policy April 2018 GOV.pdf
Martock Club and Extended School Policy May 2018 (2).pdf
Martock Complaints Policy March 2015 GOV.pdf
Martock Equality Policy Nov 2018 GOV.pdf
Martock E-Safety Policy 2015.pdf
Martock Forest School Policy Oct 2015.pdf
Martock Governors Code of Conduct Sept 2017.pdf
Martock Home Learning Policy May 2017.pdf
Martock Home School Partnership Nov 2018.pdf
Martock Learning and Teaching Policy Sept 2015.pdf
Martock Lettings Policy March 2019.pdf
Martock Primary School Prospectus 2019-20 final.pdf
Martock Privacy Notice for Pupils March 2019.pdf
Martock Privacy Notice GDPR May 2018 (2).pdf
Martock Safeguarding and Child Protection Oct 2018 (4).pdf
Martock Safer Recruitment Policy Oct 2017.pdf
Martock School Closure Policy Feb 2018.pdf
Martock SMSC Policy January 2016.pdf
Martock Travelling Independently to and from School Policy May 2016.pdf
Martock Use of Children's Images Policy May 2018 IG.pdf
Martock Use of Site Policy June 2014 GOV.pdf
Martock Worship Policy Feb 2017.pdf