​​School Admissions

How to use the Admissions Document Library

Martock In Year Application Form: 

This is to be used, one per child, to apply for a place at our school. You will get an acknowledgement that we have received it (by e-mail or by post) within 5 days and the place applied for will either be allocated or refused within 10 school days.

Martock Admission Arrangements: 
This is our school policy, including oversubscription criteria, for you to refer to. 

Martock Pupil Information Form (from the school office): 
We will ask you to complete this, which gives us more information about your child, once your school place has been confirmed.

Martock Admission Numbers and Admission Limits:
These are agreed each term the school governors as to how many places we can allocate in each year group.

Martock Appeal Form:
This can be used if you are refused a school place and you wish to appeal. For further information, and a time-line for the appeal, please contact the school.
Further School Policies  – these are to be referred to once you complete the ‘permissions’ section of the Pupil Information Form.

Please do give the school office (01935 823486) a call if you need any further help or information. 
Please also call us if you would like to visit the school – we are always very happy to show visitors around.​

Notice of a Statutory Admission Arrangement Consultation

The Admission Arrangements for 2017-2018 have been consulted upon and agreed by the Full Governors and the full, published arrangements are now available on our school website. Please note new Admission Number of 30.

The Admission Arrangements for 2018-2019 have been agreed by the Governors and we are ready for applications for September 2018 new Reception places. Please call the school to arrange a visit, or for any further help we can give you. You must apply using the Local Authority's application form by the specified date in January 2018.

The Admission Arrangements for 2019-2020 were agreed by the Governors 21.9.17.​

Appendix A Martock Glossary for Admissions.pdf
Appendix D Martock Parish Boundary.pdf
Catchment Area.pdf
Martock Admission Arrangements 2019-20.pdf
Martock Admission Arrangements 2020-21.pdf
Martock Admission Arrangements 2021-22.pdf
Martock Admissions Supplementary Information Form 2019-20.pdf
Martock Admissions Supplementary Information Form 2020-21.pdf
Martock Admissions Supplementary Information Form 2021-22.pdf
Martock Appeal Form.pdf
Martock E-Safety Policy 2015.pdf
Martock Home School Partnership May 2016.pdf
Martock In-Year Application Form reviewed March 2019.pdf
Martock Travelling Independently to and from School Policy May 2016.pdf
Pupil Information Form reviewed March 2019.pdf