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​Governor Information

Meet the Governors of Merriott & Haselbury Plucknett Schools Federation

The Governors of Merriott First School and Haselbury Plucknett Church of England First School voted to Federate during Summer 2017 and a new joint governing board across both schools was formed on the 26th June 2017. Both schools in the academic year 2016/2017 were already working in close collaboration.

Whilst maintaining the ethos and distinctiveness of each school, the Federation will allow the efficient sharing of expertise and systems to improve outcomes for all pupils across both schools. These include:

  • Giving our children greater opportunities to learn together with other first school pupils from a neighbouring village.
  • Teachers being able to collaborate closely to share good practice and expertise with the purpose of improving teaching further in both schools.
  • Sharing of staff development and training opportunities in order that the schools continue to improve in the key areas such as Mathematics and English teaching.
  • Sharing resources so that budgets can go further and can be focused on pupil learning.​


The Schools Governing Body is made up of the following representatives:

  • One Governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • Two Parent Governors
  • One Headteacher
  • One Staff Governor
  • Four Co-opted Governors
  • One Foundation Governor
  • One Ex-Offcio Governor

The Governors meet at least nine times a year and all business is completed in these meetings. 

There is a Finance Stategy Group which reports to the Full Governing Body. They receive reports from the Headteacher concerning relevant school matters and discuss various topics relating to the efficient running of both schools.

The Clerk to the Federation Governing Body is Miss Wendy Abbott who can be contacted via the School Office or email: ClerktoMerriottandHaselburyP@educ.somerset.gov.uk    


Miss Anne Higginbotham
Federation Executive ​Headteacher 






Mr Stephen Bateman

Co-opted Governor

Term of Office: 

11.11.19 - 10.11.23



Rev Morris

​​Rev Jonathan Morris

Ex-Officio Governor

Term of Office:

​26.06.17 - 25.06.21


Rob Ssmith

Mr Robert Harwood-Smith​

Co-opt Governor

Vice Chair, Data Protection & Finance Governor

Term of Office:

26.06.17 - 25.06.21


Mrs Heather Copping

Staff Governor

Health & Safety Governor

Term of Office:

26.06.17 -  25.06.21​​

Mrs Jill Tutcher

Co-opted Governor

Chair, Finance & Safe Guarding Governor

Term of Office: 

               26.06.17 - 25.06.21              


Mrs Natasha Rand

Parent Governor

Marketing & Pupil Premium Governor

Term of Office:

29.06.18 - 28.06.22 

Mrs Thompson

Mrs Sophie Thompson

 Parent Governor

Finance & SEN Governor

Term of Office:

26.06.17 - 25.06.21​

Mrs Reader
Mrs Bridget Reader
 Co-opted Governor

Term of Office:

06.11.17 - 05.11.21​

Mrs Hil Daynes

 Foundation Governor
Health & Safety Governor
Term of Office: 
26.06.17 - 25.06.21






LEA Governor





Mrs Penny Harvey

Co-opted Governor​

Term of Office:

11.11.19 - 10.11.23

















Governors are required to declare any material interests and relationships they may have between each other and school staff. None of the current governors have any relationships which need declaring.​