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At Merriott First School we use the 'Letters and Sounds' publication to support our teaching of phonics.  

  • Phase 1 looks at sounds around us 

  • Phase 2 introduces the alphabet to children 

  • Phase 3 begins to pair letters to make new sounds 

  • Phase 4 looks at reading and spelling 4 letter words 

  • Phase 5 concentrates on all the different ways we can write sounds in the English Language 

  • Phase 6 looks at sentence structure, verbs, nouns and past tense   

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 phonics is taught daily at a discrete dedicated time.  

It is really important that children see the connection between the sounds (phonemes) they learn in their phonics lessons, and the skills we develop in reading and writing – this knowledge is applied across the whole of the English curriculum; and the more we practise and apply these skills, the more children will become confident in using them.  

Our aim is to deliver great phonics sessions each day which quickly enable our children to be able learn the skills of ‘blending’ and ‘segmenting’ in order to read and write fluently. 


Children should be able identify the sound that a letter (or letters) makes and use this knowledge to blend sounds to make words and to segment words into their component sounds.  Teaching children to write the letters that make the sounds is integrated into our daily phonics delivery.  Daily lessons incorporate a range of resources and learning strategies.  Each day, the children will revise previous learning and steadily build their phonic knowledge.  


There is weekly homework which forms part of the Phonics provision.  Children in Years 1 and 2 will bring this home with spellings which are linked to the sounds they are practising in phonics sessions. 


Articulation of Phonemes 

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).  It shows how to correctly pronounce the different sounds that are used in English.  It is very important that these sounds are pronounced correctly and how these are taught has changed over time so we would strongly recommend watching the video to make sure that how you teach your children the sounds is the same as how we are teaching them.  A good tip is to think about how the sound is pronounced when it is at the end of a word. 

Phonics Screening Test Meetings 

There will be meetings coming up after Christmas to inform parents of the check which takes place in June for Year 1 and for some Year 2 children. 

Phonics Screening Test link to gov website.pptx 

Here are a variety of websites and apps that can help reinforce the phonics teaching that is done in school.  Click on the images below to have a look.  



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