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​School Policies

Anti Bullying Policy (3 Mar 20).pdf
Behaviour and Discipline Policy v2018.pdf
Data Protection Policy (15 Jun 20).pdf
Equality Information and Objectives Policy (27 Apr 2020).pdf
Federation Online Safety Policy (11 Nov 19).pdf
Marking and Feedback Policy (3 Mar 20).pdf
Merriott and Haselbury Plucknett Federation Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
Merriott First School Uniform Policy 2019 .pdf
Merriottt First School Complaints Policy -March 2017.pdf
MFS - Published Guide to Information (17 May 20).pdf
MFS Collective Worship Policy (3 Mar 20).pdf
Privacy Notice for Governors (17 Apr 20).pdf
Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents (14 May 20).pdf
Privacy Notice for Workforce (14 May 20).pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (1 Jul 19).pdf
Special Educational Needs Policy 2017 - 2020.pdf
Support for Medical Conditions Policy (9 Dec 2019).pdf