Neroche School was built in 1973 as a result of the amalgamation of Broadway, Horton and Donyatt Village Schools. Neroche School serves these three vibrant villages and the West of Ilminster. A number of children from outside our immediate catchment area also choose to attend our popular school.

We are the only school in the area which provides single age classes from the EYFS Reception Year through to Year 6 and around 200 children attend our school aged 4-11.​

In 2017, our school was successful in gaining the funds to build a new Pre-School, the First Friends Pre-School, on our beautiful and spacious school site. Around 30-40 children aged 2-4 attend our First Friends Pre-School.

Out three central core values are; Creativity, Independence and Teamwork

These skills are central to our creative curriculum, that is rich in experiences for our children.

Our partnership with parents, our creativity and total commitment to providing our children the best possible education are the key ingredients that help​ us perform to the highest standards for the communities we serve.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Classes Rec to 2​

Classes 3-6



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