About​​​ the School​

Values and Ethos​

 At Reckleford Community School and Children's Centre, we promote a caring, happy and safe community for children, staff and parents.

  • We know and value our differences
  • We respect each other and ourselves
  • We understand that we are all important
  • We achieve a healthy and active lifestyle
  • We reach our full potential
  • We endeavour to inspire a life long love of learning.
‘Where every child feels safe and inspired to learn and find out what their best can be - now and in the future.
Reckleford School & Nursery ‘Ethos’

Organisation of the school

There is an 72 place nursery called ‘Rainbow Room’ which is a Local Authority Nursery.  The nursery is open Monday to Friday, term time only.
Nursery Sessions are:  9.00 am - 12.00 noon and 12.00 noon until 3.00 pm.
Nursery children are able to access either morning or afternoon sessions Monday to Friday.

There are 3 Infants Classes in the school:

  • YrR-Squirrels
  • Yr1-Hedgehogs
  • Yr2-Badgers

School Day     (Please note there is no parking for parents in the school car park). Parking permits are available for local car parks.  (Please see Mrs White in the school office if you require one)

​​Doors open​: ​8.45 am
​​Register: ​9.00 am
​​First Session: ​9.05am - 10.15am
​​Assembly (Mon-Thurs): ​10.15am - 10.30am
​​Fruit and Milk: ​10.30am - 10.40am
​​Break: ​10.40am 10.55am
​​Second session: ​10.55am - 12pm (for Year R & Yr 1)  12.10pm (Yr 2) 
​​Lunch: ​12pm - 1.00pm  (Yr R & Yr 1)  1.10pm Yr 2
​​Third session: ​1.00pm (1.10pm)  - 3.00pm

Please inform your child's class teacher if they arrive with an injury (cut, graze, bump etc.) and you will be able to complete an 'accident on arrival' form.
In the Reception Class parents are invited to bring their children into the classroom in order to settle them.
No Child should be left unattended in a classroom if the teacher/TA is not there.
Children will be let out gradually at the end of the day so that staff can be sure that the expected adult is there to pick up their child.​
Please inform the class teacher or TA at the start of the day if someone different is to pick up your child.  If it is a new person you will be asked to provide a password (that the new person will be able to give) and a name and description.

If your child has a 'prescribed' medicine, from a GP, this may be given by staff after a form is completed which parents sign each day it is administered​