​PE and Sports Funding

​​​Sport, physcial development and well-being is an extremely important element of every child's experience at Reckleford School and Nursery.  We aim to inspire a love of physical play and learning through:

  • ​A minimum of 2 hours of PE every week
  • Teachers trained in Inspired PE
  • Premier sports coaches sharing our ethos of all children being able to find enjoyment and their own talents in sports and games within the school and nursery
  • Specialist gymnastic coaching from our local club, 'Orchard'
  • Fun, daily lunchtime sessions with a range of equipment led by an experienced play worker
  • Additional sessions for those showing potential ability or those who need greater confidence
  • Sports clubs for all who wish to explore and extend
  • Movement Support for those who have developmental coordination difficulties, including dyspraxia
  • Encouragement to all to explore sports and games outside school
  • Experiencing the great resources in our local community including Ninesprings park, Orchard Gymnastics Club and Ready to Climb
Our commitment to sports and physical development is a fundamental part of our school life.  Should funding end in the future this commitment and quality will remain the same and the delivery of quality support and teaching will continue.


  • Full PE clubs
  • Time to share achievements and membership - aspiration for the future
  • More children participating in sports/activities outside school
  • Promotion of local clubs - aspiration for the future
  • Skills/challenges identified from Nursery - appropriate support in place
  • Additional time for children with social/emotional needs to support self-esteem and support skills - improving behaviour and engagement over time.​​​
  • PE Action Plan 2020-21​
  • Review of PE Action Plan for 2019-2020​