​Admissions and Attendance​

Reckleford Community School adheres to Somerset County Council (the local authority) admissions arrangements and procedures. The school has a clear policy on term time holiday. Information is set out below:

Applying to Start School (Reception Class – September Intake)

Parents wishing to apply for a place at the school should complete a local authority application form and follow the local authority process for starting school. All applications need to be made direct to Somerset County Council.

An application form and full information of the process can be found by clicking here.  This links directly to the admissions page of the Somerset County Council website where you will be able to the latest information and an application form. The website contains a copy of the Primary Admissions Guide which gives full details of the oversubscription criteria. 

Apply for an In Year Place at the School

Parents wishing to apply for a place in the school other than a first admission for the reception class, should complete a Somerset County Council application form. This can be found either on the Somerset County Council website or copies are available at the school. The application form should be returned to the school. The school follows the local authority oversubscription criteria. Please see above for information on how to access the full details. 

Please note that for safeguarding reasons all parents will be required to provide a copy of their child’s birth certificate when their child joins the school.

Where an application has been refused in any year group, the child will be placed on a waiting list.  This will be kept strictly in order of oversubscription criteria by the Local Authority, as the Admission Authority, and the child will remain on the waiting list until the end of the academic year in which the application was refused.  Parents are responsible for informing the Admission Authority of any changes in their circumstances, which could affect their place on the waiting list. 

Nursery Admissions

For information regarding nursery admissions please see our Nursery Admissions and Fees Policy by clicking on 'Key Information' and then the 'Policies' section of this website.
Should you have any queries or would like to enrol your child into the school or nursery, please do not hesitate to contact the school on (01935) 475938.