Welcome to the Somerset SACRE Website


Somerset Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is made up of representatives from the council, local religious and teachers' organisations. 

Our mission statement is to provide high quality, informed service in the LA and to schools regarding religious education and collective worship in Somerset.

Every local authority (LA) is required by law to establish a SACRE to advise on matters relating to religious education and collective worship.

We will try to ensure that schools are:
  • aware of the value of religious education and collective worship, especially in contributing to pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • challenged to provide high quality collective worship and religious education which meets the requirements of the locally agreed syllabus (Awareness, Mystery and Value);
  • supported by SACRE in providing them with information, in-service training opportunities and professional advice.

SACRE conducts all its business through the local authority.

Other SACRE activities planned for the next two years include:

  • gathering information about RE in schools; 
  • providing support for RE teaching and management through in-service training, the website, conferences;
  • keeping schools updated through termly RE Newsletters;
  • supporting effective RE teaching and learning by providing resources and exemplars;
  • working with representatives of faith communities to provide guidance for schools.

See our About Us section to find out who SACRE’s representatives are.