Customer Feedback and Comments

Feedback from the 2015 Somerset County Youth Concert Band Easter Concert

"Thank you and congratulations for a truly excellent concert last night. Every piece was amazing; obviously very complicated and yet played by everyone with true professionalism. All the team does such an excellent job and it's really clear to see how much all the players enjoy it."​ 

Feedback from the 2014 Christmas Celebration Service, Wells Cathedral

"Thank you on behalf of all of us at Heathfield who were part of the concert. Its was so much fun and such an amazing experience for us all!" Sarah Hall, Heathfield Community School
"Last night was a magical evening. The children were literally overwhelmed by the standard of the other choirs and the orchestra. They have been buzzing ever since. They found the whole concert truly inspirational and are already discussing what to sing next year if we are lucky enough to be invited again." Jenn Bottrill, Charlton Mackrell Primary School 
"Thank you very much. It was brilliant and everyone was amazed by the sound and the venue!" Katie Chester, Norton Fitzwarren Church School & Staplegrove Church School
"Thank you all so much for a fabulous evening of music in Wells last night! I thoroughly enjoyed both the afternoon and the evening, and my school choir had a really memorable experience hearing all the other performers in such an amazing venue. Huge thanks to Glyn and his team for putting it all together, and I look forward to doing it all again next Christmas!" Liz Coton, St Benedict's Junior School, Glastonbury


What do other people say about Whole Class Ensemble Tuition projects?

"It is wonderful in that it gives all children in a school that entitlement to learn an instrument. Therefore many children who perhaps would not have thought of learning to play, discover they have a real talent for it. It has been a wonderful vehicle to raising children's self-esteem and gives them an opportunity to perform."
Alan Burgess, Head Teacher, St John's First School, Frome
"I think it would be a great and brilliant opportunity to be in Frome Band and all sorts of things. I am very glad that I have been able to continue next year. And I think Mr Thomas has been a fabulous teacher, and I would like to say thank you."
Chelsea, St Louis Catholic Primary School, Frome
"I think it is fantastic - socially and educationally."
Bryan White, Head Teacher, Cutcombe First School, Minehead
"I think brass is a good experience and it's a new opportunity for young people like us because it might encourage us to play the trumpet when we're older."
Bethany, St Louis Catholic Primary School, Frome
"The impact of high quality musical activity delivered on a regular basis in a whole class setting is paramount in not only the pupils musical development but to their emotional, social and physical well-being."

 Glyn Bowen, Interim Director, Somerset Music

"This is a great opportunity to play a great instrument and how happy I am to be with my class to play. I think my teacher is the best!" 
Verity, St Louis Catholic Primary School, Frome


Somerset Music Weekend for Young String Players - June 2014


"I asked Pippa how it went. "Please can I go next year?" Was the immediate reply! She thoroughly enjoyed it, the first time she's enjoyed playing with others. Seems for her, the music was pitched just right, enough challenge and similar aged, friendly people too."


Somerset Music Primary Music Conference - May 2016


"Loved the day, really fun and informative. Lots of ideas to use in class"

"Wonderful day which was very well organised"

"It has reignited my fire for more music in my school"

 "A fantastically useful and informative day from start to finish"


South Somerset Music Spectacular

"A big thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of the South Somerset Music Spectacular. We very much appreciated the support given during the afternoon rehearsal. Our pupils and students have not stopped talking and communicating about it. Of course I'm going to say the performance was fantastic - but actually the whole experience of rehearsing in school over the last half term, preparing for and attending the technical rehearsal and then the evening anticipation of waiting for our moment in the spotlight - has been a wonderful experience for all concerned." Fiveways School, Yeovil

"The children were commenting things like........
"I can't believe its real it feels like a dream",
"I was expecting to be scared but actually I was really proud and excited when I walked up the steps to play",
They will have made a memory that will last! Thanks so much for your help and support" Merriott First School, Merriott