The full release of took place on 12 July 2008.
This eLearning platform has lesson and course building tools that have been discussed and designed in conjunction with Somerset Music over the past year, together with interactive resources across a range of areas.
Since the start of this development other Music Services have become involved, with the result that the bank of resources is expanding to include content contributed by teachers across the UK.  All content, whatever its source, can be used by teachers in their own lessons and courses.’s purpose is to grow the range of resources available and to enhance the learning experience for children.  At the same time it provides Somerset Music with new opportunities to build relationships and visibility among an ever greater proportion of the people of Somerset.
The resource will only truly thrive however, when aspects of it are incorprated into everyday teaching. 
By registering with somersetonlinemusic, teachers will have access to:
  • exciting interactive lessons for brass, recorder, keyboard, flute and other instruments and subject areas that can be used as they are or be customised to suit individual teachers;
  • curriculum focused action songs with full media support and teaching notes together with cartoons, music video, audio and graphics libraries; these offer a huge range of resources to support existing lesson plans, bringing a new multimedia dimension that children will really enjoy.
All lessons and resources are downloadable for ease of use in the classroom and are designed for simple operation.  Whether for the specialist or non-specialist, the courses, lessons and resources provide a wealth of music teaching support for many areas of the curriculum.
Somerset Music eLearning Platform.
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