Taunton School of Samba is a new Brazilian percussion ensemble based at Holy Trinity Primary School in Taunton. It incorporates the Trinity Samba Band, a very successful performance group which has competed nationally and been included on a prestigious music industry taster CD.
The group play a mixture of samba standards like samba reggae and samba funk as well as carefully crafted originals which are composed and refined by the group's members.Taunton school of samba meets one a week on Wednesdays for an hour after school and is open to local primary and secondary schools whose pupils have played samba before. There's also room for a few beginners.
The group is led by Brendan Hockey and we are currently recruiting another highly skilled specialist tutor; we are also planning some master classes with visiting Brazilian tutors. We're looking forward to playing at schools around Taunton as well as participating in some more competitions and local performances

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