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​​​​​​St BartholoNEWS Blog

Welcome to St BartholoNEWS Reporter’s Club!

10th February 2020​​​

On Thursday 6th February, we made some special art projects with our parents. This was to celebrate our recent toilet twinning project.

Our school raised money to pay for toilets to be built in areas where there isn't a clean place for people to go to the toilet. This is really important as without clean toilets, people can get very ill.

Each class made art which came from the country their toilet had been twinned with. For example, Wagtail class had Pakistan as their country. They made special lanterns that people hang in Mosques. A Mosque is a special place that Muslims go to pray.

Other classes did art from other countries, such as Malawi, Nicaragua, Zambia and Uganda.  

20th January 2020​​​


Before Christmas, we made a special piece of 3D Art. This was for our recent affiliation with the Royal British Legion. We were helped by a visiting artist, Darryl Wakelam. We used pieces of card and paper using a special art technique called mosaic. Darryl was really helpful and great to work with.

On Friday 17th January 2020, the Royal British Legion came to a special Collective Worship to see our masterpiece. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

The art has some of our Christian Values on it and different parts of the picture represents them. The poppy represents hope, the lion represents courage and the forget-me-nots (can you spot them in the picture?) represent love. 

Introducing our new reporters: Evie, Benjamin and Jenny
We are looking forward to sharing all of the exciting things going on in our school with you.

11th November 2019​​​


On Thursday 7th November, St Bartholomew's CE First School officially affiliated with the Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion is a charity that supports the Armed Forces. They started in 1921 and are now the country’s largest Armed Forces charity, with 235,000 members and 110,000 volunteers.

They give support to anyone who has served in the armed forces and their families.

Every year the Royal British Legion lead the nation in commemorating and honouring those who have served and sacrificed. We remember those who lost their lives in wars from the First World War up to the present day. 

Every year in November, they sell paper poppies to raise money to help the Armed Forces community.

The poppy is a symbol of Remembrance and hope. Wearing a poppy is a way of saying thank you for the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces and their families, past and present.

aff2.jpg The special cake baked for our special day

21st October 2019​​​

The St BartholoNEWS reporters with our House Point collector

St Barts has a new House Point system!

The house points help us to work hard and show kindness to each other. We earn them for demonstrating our school Christian Values. For example, showing courage when we find something hard but don't give up. Or showing compassion by helping another child when they are upset.

There are four houses: Endeavour, Discovery, Victory and Adventure. They are named after famous explorer ships. Each house has a colour too. When we have earned a house point, our teacher gives us a coloured token wich we put into our class pot. At the end of the week, our House Captains take all of the class pots and put them in the collector in the hall. The collector was made by Michael Woodley, who is Mr Woodley's Dad!

At the end of each half term, all of the tokens are counted up and the house with the most points wins a special Rainbow Play!

Look out for this half-term's winning house in our next blog!​

30th September 2019​​​


Our first assignment for the year was to interview our new teacher, Miss Wilson. She is a newly-qualified teacher and is the teacher for Chaffinch class.

Is this your first job?
This is my first teaching job. I have had a job before but it was a job at a cafe so it was a little bit different.

Why did you decide to be a teacher?
​Well, I hadn't always decided to be a teacher but I have always had a desire to work with children. I think teaching is a very important job, because every Prime Minister and every Queen had to go to school and had to be taught to read and write by a Primary School teacher.

What is your favourite thing about being a teacher?
​Probably the relationship I form with the children in my class. When you know that your pupils, no matter what's happening in their lives, they can still come 
to you and share their troubles. That's really important, I really enjoy that about my job.

What is the best thing about our school?
​Our Christian values. I like the fact that you have to think about being compassionate and respectful to each other. You have all these things that you think about daily and Collective Worship reminds you about them.

Have you worked at another school?
​I used to work at my placement school when I was training to be a teacher. I had two schools, one was a little village school and only had 36 pupils. The other school had 360 children. One was in Winsham and the other one in Sherbourne.

Do you have a pet?
I have pets but they're not here, they're in Northern Ireland where I'm from. I have a dog, he's a Jack Russell and his name is Patch. I have a goat and her 
name is Bella, and I have five chickens and we have cows as well.

What is your favourite hobby and why?
​Can I only pick one? Ok, I enjoy playing the piano and it helps me relax when I feel stressed!

What subject are you best at?
​I'm good at English but I'm also good at languages. I enjoy expressing myself in different languages.

Where did you grow up?
​I grew up in Derby, in the Midlands but when I was 10 I moved to Northern Ireland and lived there for 12 years. So I lived half my childhood in England and half in Northern Ireland. I'm also half Brazillian but I've never lived in Brazil. 

Look out next week for our report on our new House Point system!

Introducing our new reporters: Ryan, Ruby-May, Hazel and Evie.
We are looking forward to sharing all of the exciting things going on in our school with you.

29th April 2019​​​

Kilve Court Residential
At the end of last term, the Year 4s went on a residential trip to Kilve Court with Mrs Coward, Mr Woodley, Mrs Court and Mrs Yorke. It was really good fun and the food was tremendously good! We had to use courage to do new activities and challenges. One of the biggest challenges was the climbing wall which was really high. We also enjoyed grass sledging, a Quantocks hike, team building, midnight feasts and games in the maze in the dark. It was a spectacular experience and we know that next year’s Y4s will love it too.

Eco Council - Courageous Advocacy
As part of the Lent Challenge from the diocese the Eco Council were filmed discussing their concerns about the environment and what they do to help. They highlighted their major concern about plastic pollution and how sealife is being killed. They have already written to local supermarkets and our fruit delivery company to ask them to use paper or cardboard instead of plastic packaging.

On Saturday, some of the Eco Council went to the beach at Charmouth to join in with a beach litter pick. They found loads of bottle tops, plastic balls and string too. It was really worrying how much plastic pollution there was. However, it was really heartening to see how many people from the community were there helping and showing how much they care about our world.



18th March 2019​​​

FSA Spring Disco
On the Thursday 28th February there was an awesome disco in our school hall. It was so surprising that there was even smoke coming out of children’s dance moves! In the middle of the disco we had apples or crisps or a drink to give us more energy to carry on our dancing. Last time, Mr Woodley did ‘the worm' and everyone was chanting and laughing! It was the most spectacular disco ever!

World Book Day - 7th March
Miss Davis surprised us by bringing in an author, Sue Medcalf. She wrote the book ‘Itchybald Scratchit’ which is all about badgers. Mrs Samuel, our Eco-Council leader, put Miss Davis in touch with Sue because Mrs Samuel helps us learn to live well alongside the badgers in our school. Sue showed us some of her books and she read one of them aloud to us. It was very interesting and I really wanted to hear the end but she had to go to the next class so I want to borrow it at the library.

Miss Davis and Mrs Samuel also organised for Clive Sanders, a local poet, to come and lead workshops with us. His poems were amazing and were about a fairy and he couldn’t spell leprechaun! Clive wrote a poem especially for us to tell us all that we are really special. We put it in the newsletter so everyone could see. Here is a copy so you can see. We think everyone in our school is really special.

M.P. Robertson
The author of ‘The Egg’ came and spent with us talking about dragons. He led a whole school Collective Worship where he did storytelling and showed us proof that dragons are real. Then he came round the classrooms and showed us how to draw dragons. We liked it because we learnt new techniques and our pictures looked better than ever. At first we didn’t know how to draw dragons! Our mums and dads were invited in to share stories and eat cake. It was spectacular!

25th February 2019​​​

Cross Country Race
Lots of schools came to take part in the Cross Country race at Yeovil Showground on the 6th February 2019. The conditions were muddy and the mole hills were trying to put us off but we ran around them and were spurred on by the cheering even when we had a stitch! The girls in St Bart’s out of all the schools came out third overall and our boys came 14th – what a great achievement!  Miss Winter and Miss Ramwell supported our runners and helped to keep us going.

A Special Visitor
Mrs Strange, our School Improvement Partner, came to visit our school on Valentine’s Day. She visited every class with Mrs Coward and they looked at all our books to see the progress in our learning. Mrs Strange asked us what our favourite lessons were, what our targets were and what we were most proud of. She then asked us to show her examples of the learning we were most proud of. At the end of the day, Mrs Strange said she loved looking at our work and handwriting had improved. She loved the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ writing boards showing how much our writing has improved. Mrs Strange told us it was lovely to see that at St Bart’s every child’s writing is displayed on the wall. We told her that we are very proud of our learning.

What are we looking forward to this half of term?

FSA Disco
All the children are looking forward to the FSA disco on Thursday evening. The last one was cancelled due to the snow. We want to say thank you to the FSA for all the fun things they do for us and they raise money to make our school an even better place.

World Book Day
Everyone is going to meet real-life authors Sue and Ian Medcalf who are coming to school to work with us. We will also be dressing up as our favourite book characters. It is great looking at different characters in books that are jolly, serious and a bit bonkers!

The author of ‘The Egg’ came and spent with us talking about dragons. He led a whole school Collective Worship where he did storytelling and showed us proof that dragons are real. Then he came round the classrooms and showed us how to draw dragons. We liked it because we learnt new techniques and our pictures looked better than ever. At first we didn’t know how to draw dragons! Our mums and dads were invited in to share stories and eat cake. It was spectacular!

17th January 2019​​​

Online Safety
On Thursday 24th January, Mr M from ELIM came to talk to the Online Safety Champions about how to keep safe online. He asked questions and filmed them answering the questions. The film will be shared across schools in Somerset to help children keep safe. St Bartholomew’s C of E First School is leading the way! Well done, Online Safety Champions – we are very proud of you.

Breathtaking Teacher Animal Race
On Monday 28th January 2018, the KS2 adults came to school dressed as a variety of animals and they raced around the playground, through the yellow lines, around the huts, up the hill, down the steps and finally across the finish line!

​The animals on the starting line

This was a WOW as part of the next English topic. Mr Woodley (Mikey Monkey) started in the lead, but began to show off and fell down the steps, then Percy Penguin (Miss Ramwell) overtook and won the race, even though she had been nervous at the start. Other competitors were Geraldine Giraffe (Mrs Court, who was easily distracted and came last, and Miss Dew. It was a joyful experience and all the children clapped and clapped.​

14th January 2019​​

This week, we are reporting on lots of the fun activities at the end of last term.

Our spectacular choir​​

At the end of term, our choir went out and about into the community singing joyful songs and spreading happiness to the elderly, those suffering from dementia, The Royal British Legion and those with sight loss. There was lots of wonderful feedback about how happy they made everyone.

The Eco-Council

The Eco-Council are concerned about plastic in our environment and it is getting into the sea and wrecking the circle of life. Plastic from beer cans is getting wrapped around birds necks and beaks and is killing them. So the Eco-Council are raising money for the Dorset Marine Protection Wildlife Trust. They started to raise money by selling plastic Christmas tree bottles, broaches and wreathes for birds. They have raised over £11 so far!​

FSA end of term party​

On the last day of term, Santa came in his white helicopter. He landed in the middle of our school field and came to spend the day with us. It was a tremendous day. We had art activities led by the FSA mums, a puppet workshop with Roger Fudge which was really fun and a visit from Santa. He brought every child a present! It was a ten out of ten day!

15th November 2018​​
Focus on Christian Distinctiveness​

On the 27th November, Bishop Peter is coming to visit our school. It is rare he gets to visit schools so it is exciting and an honour that he is coming to St Bartholomew’s. Bishop Peter is going to visit all the classrooms to talk to us and our teachers. Then, he is coming into Collective Worship with us. We hope that Bishop Peter will say a prayer at the end of our service. After worship, Bishop Peter is going to have morning tea with the Collective Worship Assistants and they have some questions for him. For instance, ‘How many schools have you visited?’ and ‘How many people have you inspired?’

Last Tuesday was World Prayer Day and Mrs Grave set up a prayer area in the gazebo. There were all sorts of different prayers such as sorry prayers, thank you prayers, listening to music, reflecting in the mirror and thinking about other children around the world. It was relaxing, calming and mindful. We would like to do it again. Mrs Grave does a prayer line every in the library at lunch time so we can do prayers then. We also pray in worship, at home and before lunch.​

12th November 2018​​
​​Our Christian Values tree with Darrell Wakelam


During the week of the 5th November we had an ‘Artist in Residence’ Darrell Wakelam. He helped us to make our school Christian Values tree which is ‘rooted in love’. Every child got to do part of the tree, either constructing it with cardboard and masking tape, paper mache or painting. It took two full days and it was really spectacular and joyful.

‘We will remember them..’

On Friday, 9th November people from the Royal British Legion came and took part in our school Remembrance Service marking 100 years since the end of the Frist World War. They brought a Standard bearer and a Buglar. We held a minute’s silence.

After the service, the Royal British Legion came round the school so we could ask questions and learn about how we can stop fighting and be friends all around the world.


On Sunday, the School Council laid a wreath at the War Memorial at St Bartholomew’s Church in Crewkerne with Mrs Coward and Mrs Court. The school choir sang in the church service while Mr Samuel played the guitar. The School Council were the only school to read a prayer in the service. Mrs Coward was very proud of all the children.


Today, we have been reading a book in worship to help us not to hurt other people’s feeling and keep their hearts strong, safe and happy. We wore odd socks or crazy tights to show we choose RESPECT and support Anti-Bullying.


15th October 2018​​

Enrichment at St Bart’s

We now have the result of the sports sponsorship from Sport for Schools when Rich Parker (champion Inline Skater) and Dan came in to do sponsored fitness circuits with our school.

Miss Winter has informed us that our school has raised an unbelievable £1249.13! Sport for Schools will be sending coloured wrist bands to celebrate how much money each child has raised. This money is going to be spent on fabulous new sports equipment for our school. Miss Winter, Mrs MacCready and the Sports Council will be choosing the new resources.​


Science Enrichment
On Friday 5th October, Miss Ramwell organised a mega fun Space afternoon to celebrate World Space Week. Children made rockets, solar systems,’The Alien Shuffle’ was sung and danced to and Mr Woodley was measuring out how far apart planets were on the school field. Our brilliant FSA funded this afternoon and it was magnificently fun!

Mischief Makers Certificates
55 children in school were awarded a gold medal and a Michief Maker’s certificate for reading completing the library reading challenge during the summer holidays. This is an amazing effort from our school.


A visit from India and Mr Winch
On Friday 12th October, Mr Winch from Maiden Beech Academy brought some of his exchange friends from a far-away country called India. The children told us all about their school and where they live. Their school grounds are humungous and they have monkeys and snakes. We told them all about the badgers at St Bart’s!​

1st October 2018​​


This is the new Sports Council shed. There are lots of fun games to play with the children. Mr Treacher came in to work with the Sports Council and our Midday supervisors to help them learn games to play.

The Sports Council are in charge of making our lunch times more fun and active.

Charlie says, “I’ve played Time Bomb and it’s really fun! You have the pass the ball and when the person says boom the person with the ball in their hand goes to the hula hooping."

On Friday 28th September, Mrs Court and some of the School Council ran a Macmillan Coffee afternoon in the school hall. There were games to play like ‘Pin the Cherry on the Cake’, ‘Name the Teddy’ and a big raffle. The main focus were the scrumptious cakes donated by our lovely parents and friends of our school.


An amazing £107.77 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Care. We are really proud of the School Council working in service of others.

17th September 2018​​

This term’s reporters are: Evie, Annalese-Skye, Charlie-Jane, Ruby-May and Amelia. It’s all girls this term.

Welcome to our new Reception teacher, Mrs Hall, who teaches Robin Class.


We interviewed Mrs Hall...

What class do you teach?
I teach Robin class which is all Reception children this year.

What is your favourite lesson?
Art is my favourite lesson because I like making my classroom bright and colourful.

What are you in charge of? 
I lead Art and Computing. I love art and I have not got as much experience of computing so I am really looking forward to learning more. 

What do you like about our school?
Everyone is kind and helpful. For example, at lunch time the older children come and help the younger children. It is so lovely. The grown ups all help each other too.

23rd May 2018​​
Our Royal Wedding

Celebrations after 'Megan' and 'Harry' got married!
St Bartholomew's celebrated the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. On Wednesday 16th May, our amazing Reception and Year 1 children dressed up as members of the Royal wedding party and Rev Huntley performed a full marriage ceremony, complete with rings, flower petals and signing the register. It was absolutely outstanding and lots of the grown-ups shed happy tears!

One of our reporters, Holly, told us her little sister had been very nervous about being a bridesmaid, but with some encouragement from her family and a box of confetti to throw, was able to take part. Afterwards she was really happy and thanked her family for their encouragement.

Thanks to our amazing FSA, our fabulous organiser Mrs Coram and our smart governor and vicar, Rev Stuart Huntley.
The Royal Tea Party

Staff looking smart!
After celebrating the Royal Wedding, lots of St Bart's family and friends worked super hard to make sure that all the children at St Bart's had lots of delicious food to celebrate. There were spectacular cakes of all shapes, sizes and colours as well as cucumber sandwiches and drinks of squash.

All of the children in our school stood to sing the National Anthem at the start of the party and Mrs Hall read out a message from Mrs Coward. It was really lovely to have the pre-school children who will be starting at St Bart's in September with us for the celebrations.

After the food has been eaten, we danced to some songs, organised by Mr Woodley, and then went for a play on the field.

It was a stunning day!

23rd April 2018​​

Our reporters this term are: Kira G, Lottie, Jack A, Dylan, Matthew, Jenny, Georgia, Rose, Jasmin, Amelia, Summer, Charlie-Jane, Ruby-May, Betty, Martha, Megan and Holly.​

Mr Carter’s Memorial Games

On the 19th of April we were remembering all the good times we had with Mr Carter. In the morning, we had a special Collective Worship where we looked at a book filled with photos of all our memories with Mr Carter. The photos made us all laugh and smile. Mr Carter’s favourite thing was sport so in the afternoon we had an afternoon of fun sports. The governors have put a balloon animal and some pictures in the reception area so we can always remember Mr Carter and smile.

The Book Fair

We had a half price book fair. It was very crowded because everyone wanted to get a bargain! Miss Winter, Mrs Coram and Mr Woodley took turns to run the Book Fair. They had to do lots of maths in their heads! Betty bought a Pom Pom key ring and a Dork Diary. There were lots of amazing books and it was very hard to choose. We have a Book Fair every year so look out for the next one!

Kilve Court – Year 4 Residential

Our Year 4s went on a residential to Kilve Court to have an exciting experience you wouldn’t have at home. Mrs Coward, Miss Ramwell, Mr Woodley, Miss Dew and Miss Wright all went with them.  On the first day, the children went to the beach at night time, when it was just getting dark, and hunted for fossils. Lots of children found fossils and it was really cool. Everyone crowded round to have a look. On the second night, the children did ‘Jumbalese’ which is a type of orienteering. They used maps to find locations and then they had unscramble the words.

Bedtime was amazing! It was fun to sleep in the same room as your friends and snuggle up reading your magazines. Matthew and Mr Woodley had the same magazine! On the second night there were midnight feasts. Even the teachers joined in. There were codes on each corridor and you could only get in if you were on that corridor.

The puddings and food were really good and there was lots to choose from.  It was like being in a restaurant as you had to order your food!

The activities were new things for most of the children. They did Archery, Grass Sledging, Climbing Wall, Low Ropes, Team Building, The Maze and a Quantock Hike in the sunshine.

Lottie and Matthew said, “We would love Kilve Court to be are new home as they were so nice. We gave all the instructors nick names and it was the best experience ever! The Year 3s should really look forward to it. You have to pay a bit of money but it is worth it.”​

​​21st March 2018​

This week the Reporters club tasted a selection of foods from the school lunch hall.

On offer was: 
  • Cod in Parsley Sauce, 
  • Potato Wedges, 
  • Vegetable curry, 
  • Apricot Crumble, 
  • Lemon Sponge, 
  • Quorn Curry, 
  • Gammon and Pineapple. 
  • Fish Goujons.
The Gammon vanished in 2 seconds. The reporters liked the Gammon because it had a nice flavour and was not too tough. The pineapple was also sweet and juicy. The Cod in Parsley sauce was really soft and we liked the sauce. The Fish goujons vanished before our eyes. One minute there was plenty… next they were all gone! It’s fair to say they were delicious too!

When we first saw the vegetable curry we all went urgh! It was green and looked gooey. When we tried the curry there were mixed reviews; some children thought it was too spicy, some thought it was too mushy but many liked it because it had lovely flavours which made it taste nice. 

Overall, the Gammon was the winner of the taste test. All reporters agreed that we are lucky to have such lovely lunches at school. 

14th March 2018

Today is an exciting day! Mrs French has returned to our school for the rest of the school year. Staff, children and parents have been delighted and she has been getting lots of hugs.

On Fridays, in Collective Worship, Mr Woodley gives out awards for Bronze, SIlver and Gold awards for multiplication. To achieve a bronze award, you need to be able to say the table in order e.g. 1 x 2 = 2, 2 x 2 = 4. To achieve a silver award, you have to answer random questions out of order e.g. 12 x 5 = ?, 3 x 5 = ? To achieve a gold award, you are given the answer and then have to say the question. It needs to be snappy and in four seconds! When you achieve your award, you get a certificate.

Next week, in reporter's club, we are going to do some food tasting!

7th March 2018

 World Book Day 2018 – SNOW MUCH FUN!!!
First, we came into school in our costumes from books we enjoy for World Book Day. Outside it was freezing cold and there was snow on the ground. We were really excited!
Collective Worship was right at the start of the day. When we went into the hall we saw 6 black and white boxes on a large table at the front of the hall. Each teacher, had provided a box not knowing what the other teachers had put in their box. Some boxes had labels on them such as, ‘Eat Me’.
Each teacher picked one child from their class to choose a box from the front to give to their teacher. After each class had got a box, we headed back to our classrooms.
Then, we opened the boxes and found out what was inside. Each box contained a book and some activities linked to the book which we worked on for the rest of the morning.
  EYFS – The Three Little Pigs
​Year 1 – Back to Earth with a Bump


Wagtail – Alice in Wonderland
Year 2 – A non –fiction about mini-beasts
Woodpecker – Lots of books about dinosaurs​

Chaffinch – Window – a book about Lego
We loved making books, rockets, reading the books, finding out about insects,  making mini-beasts and making fossils.
At the end of the morning we got to eat jelly because school needed to close at lunch time due to the snow. It was yummy!

28th February 2018
Reading Week

This week it has been amazing because we have got to see and hear new books around each classroom such as, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ with Mrs Coram and Miss Ramwell read us a guide book about how to live on our planet as we only have one of them! It was called ‘Here we Are – Notes for Living on Planet Earth’ by Oliver Jeffers.

It has been active and fun listening to new books we haven’t heard before. We are really looking forward to dressing up for World Book Day tomorrow.

Road Safety Lorry
On Tuesday, the Somerset Road Safety Team lorry came to tell us about keep safe near roads and vehicles, especially big vehicles. These are some of the things that we learnt:

If your best football goes under a lorry you must never go and rescue it because if you die you can’t replace you!
We are important than balls
If you are cycling on a bike don’t go too close to a big vehicle as you could fall under it and hurt yourself
You need to wear a high vis jacket at night. If you are wearing normal or black jackets then vehicles can’t see you

Young Voices Competition
On Tuesday 27th February, a Young Voices competition was held at Greenfylde School in Ilminster. It was all about FairTrade. Finley, Zuzia, Madeleine, Lottie and Sasha took part in the final round. Madeleine won 2nd place out of the fourteen children in her round. Every child was already a winner by getting to the final and all the children got a certificate at the end.
One of the judges was a voice therapist and another was a TV broadcaster so they had lots of experience to help them judge. The winners received a book of poems – one for every day of the year.

It was really fun!​

7th February 2018

On Tuesday 6th February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. Each class did a special activity to help us learn how to safeguard ourselves online.

"We were 'Safeguarding Superheroes'" recalled Sam.

"We had to reply to letters from children, asking for our advice," remembered Sophie.

One of the letters to the Safeguarding Superheroes

"One child wrote about a friend taking a video of them that they didn't like and then they shared it with others," said Jasmin.

"We said that they should speak to an adult about it and make sure the person who took it deletes the video," said Charlie.

The reply from one of our children

"A 9 year old boy wrote about when he was playing a game online and he got a message from someone he didn't know," said Leo.

"We told him to speak to a parent or a teacher and then they can keep them safe," said Amelia.

"They should DEFINITELY NOT reply to the message," said Leo strongly.

"In our class, we worked in partners and when we wrote back to the children, our photos were in a magic mirror," commented Annie. "Our replies were in speech bubbles."

"We did an activity about who we are connected to," explained Mark. "In Owl Class, we threw a ball of wool to a person that we had something in common with (like we were both in reporters club). When we had finished, it looked like a big spider web."

Amelia then remembered the story from Collective Worship. "It was about a boy who had a new tablet. His dog Buddy had a poem to remind him about the right thing to do when he was using the Internet."

31st January 2018​​ 
This week, we have interviewed Miss Winter about sport.

St BartholoNEWS: Who plays for you at our football club?
Miss Winter: We have about 15 year 3 & 4 children Mark, Moken, Roman, Jamie, Daniel, Riley, Finley, Mollie, Abigail, Pixie, Tom, Roy, Regan and Oliver.

St BartholoNEWS: Who won the football match yesterday against Hinton St George?
Miss Winter: We did 5-0!

St BartholoNEWS: What is your favourite football team?
Miss Winter: Liverpool. Miss Dew supports them too.

St BartholoNEWS: But you are a lady and boys play football.
Miss Winter: Lots of girls play football. It is a game for everyone. It used to be just the men like rugby but now ladies play it too. There was a world cup and the England women came third.

St BartholoNEWS: ​Who is your favourite footballer?
Miss Winter: I liked Steven Gerrard. He was my role model. He was a really good leader and he helped his team mates and was brilliant at football.

St BartholoNEWS: What is the golden mile?
Miss Winter: On Monday lunchtimes the Year 3 & 4 run around the blue court as many times as they can but you need a good pace. The children who sprinted couldn’t keep it up. We are looking to introduce it at the end of lunchtime for everyone. It is really exciting as we will all get ten minutes of walking every day.

St BartholoNEWS: Do you like the activities which are outside at lunchtime now?​
Miss Winter: ​I like the skipping ropes. I like doing the one on your own and the long one with two people at both ends and one person jumping in the middle.

St BartholoNEWS: Yes, we like that too. 

24th January 2018​​​
This week, St BartholoNEWS are reporting on ‘StoryTree’ who came to tell us a story about multi-cultural Britain.

Gloria told us about how her dad came to England from Jamaica not long after the Second World War. We learnt lots of things from the workshop.

If somebody has a disability like Roger, who was born without a hand, it doesn’t mean you should leave them out. You should treat everyone the same. It might stop him from doing things. It might affect some things but not everything. Roger played the drums with a wooden arm and with his hand. It was really amazing!

When Gloria’s dad arrived in England people were not nice. They had to share a house and the bathroom and kitchen. Her mum was not impressed when she arrived!

My mum works with people with learning disabilities. She has to go to London to look after people with lots of differences.

Racism is when you treat someone different because they don’t look the way you do. You should not treat them differently. When Gloria’s dad got off the boat after six weeks he got lots of racism and that made him heartbroken.

We learnt some songs that Gloria’s dad taught her. We did dancing too. These were the songs from Jamaica Gloria’s dad listened to remind him about Jamaica.

The main things we learnt were:

  • We must not ever do racism or be mean to people about differences.
  • Don’t bully someone who is a bit different.
Thank you for an amazing workshop, Gloria and Roger!

17th January 2018​​

Happy New Year and welcome back to the new term and the StBartholoNEWS reporters team! We started off by interviewing Miss Davis who is Georgia, Mark and Jenny’s new part-time teacher. We found out lots about her.

St BartholoNEWS: Do you do any clubs?
Miss Davis: I don’t at the moment, but I really like cooking. I would like to do that. Has there been a cooking club before. Would you like one?

St BartholoNEWS:  Yes! Do you like your class?
Miss Davis: Yes, I love them. They have really helped me with the routine of the day and they are kind and helpful. They tell me where things need to go.

St BartholoNEWS: What do you like about our school?
Miss Davis: Everyone is really kind and friendly and have been so helpful. The teachers and staff are really helpful and make me feel welcome and special.

St BartholoNEWS: Do you agree with our school rules?
Miss Davis: Yes, I think they are very important to keep us safe and help us be respectful to each other.

St BartholoNEWS: What is your favourite subject?
Miss Davis: I really like maths and I love reading. I love reading at home all the time and reading to my children before they go to bed. I visualise the pictures in my head.

Georgia – Yes, reading helps you with your spelling too!
Miss Davis: I find different good words to use like scrumptious!

St BartholoNEWS: What do you like about our playground?
Miss Davis: I like the zones and different activities and games to play. It is really fun.

St BartholoNEWS: What do you like about our school food?
Miss Davis:​ I haven’t have a chance to try it. I am a vegetarian. Do you have vegetarian options?

St BartholoNEWS: Yes, we have baked potatoes, sandwiches and choc ices. We love choc ice Tuesday!

15th November 2017​​

In our school at the moment there are loads of amazing things going on such as:

  • Our wonderful school council and choir represented us in the Remembrance parade and service at the weekend. We are so proud of them!
  • Play rehearsals
  • Good work in all different classes
  • Creative Home learning (such as building Roman shields or writing facts about Roman roads)
  • The Spotacular for Children in Need – colouring competition, cake baking and dressing up in spots
  • Learning carols for the Christmas carol service at St Bartholomew’s Church (9am - 5th December)
  • The Christmas Bingo is coming up on Friday 17th November

1st November 2017​

Leo, Charlie-Jane, Abigail, Grace, Annie and Jenny reporting on exciting new computing equipment!
Today, we looked at the new laptops that the school has bought. There are 16 of them. We already use iPads and Chromebooks, but these new laptops run Windows 10.
We are looking forward to using them in our learning when we use Sumdog, our maths website. We can research things using the Internet. We can watch videos to help us with our learning. We could use them for writing by using software like Word. We can make posters or leaflets using Publisher. Best of all, we can print out our work easily!

We also talked about the importance of e-Safety when using the new laptops. To safeguard ourselves, we need to follow e-Safety rules.

Leo says "If you see something that worries you on the Internet, you should tell an adult."
Charlie-Jane says "If a website tells you to click on something to win things, do not click on it."
"Especially pop-ups!" says Leo.

Jenny says "Only use the software or websites that the teacher has told you to use."​

Abigail says "Don’t click on things you are unsure about."
Grace says "Do not meet anyone you don’t know from the Internet in real life."
Annie says "Don’t speak to strangers online."

Jenny says "Do not give out private information about yourself."

EVERYONE said "Don’t share your password!"​​

11th October 2017

Charlie, Lottie and Leo reporting on children’s favourite foods...
Today, we looked at people’s opinions on our school lunches. We couldn’t ask everyone but we asked a couple of our schoolmates. They told us that their favourite food was pizza, pasta and pizza was very popular with everyone! For pudding children can have fruit or yogurt, cheese and biscuits or hot puddings. The favourites were lemon sponge and Somerset apple cake.

Annie, Jenny, Grace and Abigail reported on lunch times inside the hall...


We asked the little reception children what they liked about their dinner and they said definitely the puddings and pizza as well! Today’s options were: peas and veg, chicken goujons, jacket potatoes, mash. Puddings were yogurt, custard and berries. 

4th October 2017

This week, the St BartholoNEWS reporters are updating you on how we SAFEGUARD each other in our school.
Reporting on the outside are Annie and Grace...
All the adults on our playground wear bright yellow jackets so we can see them easily and go to them for help if we need them. Each adult is in a different zone around the playground so there is always an adult close by to us.

Some Year 4s applied to do the job of a PLAY LEADER. The Play Leaders help you if you are lonely, sad or have fallen out with your friend. They play games like Duck, Duck, Goose or tag. The group got trained by Mr Brunt and he is coming back soon to train them in skipping games to do at lunch time.

After school, you can play on the play equipment but whoever picks you up has to stay with you at all times to keep you safe.

Reporting on our classrooms are Lottie and Jenny...
In the classrooms are our Golden Rules which are rules we have to follow to keep us safe and respect our school. We also have a class charter which are our class rules that link into the Golden Rules like ‘making mistakes help you learn, you can’t get everything right all the time!’

Each class also has an Acceptable User Policy which every person in the class has to sign so they know how to keep themselves safe on line. We learn about it all the time not just in the computing. If someone tries to be friends with you on line you show the adult. We must never delete anything without showing them first. We must never use the internet without an adult.

Reporting on keeping each other safe are Charlie and Leo...
In our school, we try and keep each other safe. If we are worried about anything we must always tell an adult who will help us. If we see a friend falling over we must show compassion by helping them and telling an adult.

At St Bart’s we do not touch each other. If we are playing tag we tap each other gently. We respect each other kindly.

We use mindfulness in the morning to help us calm down, relax and feel peaceful. It is like we get ready to get all the noisy stuff out and bring the quiet stuff in.

27th September 2017

This latest report brings you news about our exciting, new clubs:

Games Club – Years 1& 2
Thomas and Mark reported that their favourite game is ‘Hit the Stick’. In this game there are two teams (red and blue). Each team aims and throws a ball at the stick. If you hit the stick you get two points, if it falls you get three points. The first team to get to get to Mrs Mac’s number wins! The boys said they love this club and want to do it every year.

Nicole and Paige stated that Mrs Samuel is a great singing teacher and their favourite song is ‘You’ve got a friend in Me’. Last Thursday, the choir sang with a teacher from Wadham. It was really good and the teacher was brilliant and very supportive. This week the teacher is going to sing to the choir with her friend.

Science Club
Rosie and Roxy were interviewed about Miss Ramwell’s Science Club. The girls reported the club is, ‘brilliant’ and if it was at Maiden Beech ‘we would do it again’. Their favourite experiment was, ‘I have a hole in my bucket!’ The children had to experiment with different materials to block the holes in the bucket and when they completed the experiment they got a stamp in their passport. At the end of the all the sessions they will get a badge if they complete all eight of the experiments!

St Bart’s in Bloom
Jack likes sweeping up the leaves and working hard as part of a big team. The club aims to make our school look smarter, cleaner and tidier. The group use a range of tools such as: rakes, brooms and spades.

Football Club
We interviewed Elvin who thinks that people should definitely go to football club every Friday. The club have to wear a football kit, shin pads and football boots. The children do lots of practise drills and real games too! Miss Winter told the group that when they have trained they will be having a friendly match against another school.

Lego Club
At Lego club the children read some books to find out about a topic and then they build models linked to what they have read. After they have finished, they write a label to go with their model so that the audience know what has been built.

20th September 2017

This week we are interviewing our new teachers: Mrs Coram, Miss Winter and Mrs Court.

Mrs Coram, the EYFS leader, loves her class and hard work! She is enjoying teaching her class and meeting the other members of staff. We thought she was funny because she runs St Bart’s in Bloom club and she said the staff are a, ‘LOVELY BUNCH!’
Miss Winter told us she has the best class (but all of us think we are in the best class!). She likes the staff team and told us that they were very welcoming. Miss Winter teaches Year 1 and runs football club on a Friday after school. Miss Winter loves football.
Mrs Court teaches Year 3 and 4. She is settling in well and finds the staff supportive, friendly and helpful. Mrs Court really likes the children and told us they are polite, friendly and ready to learn. The children help her as she is finding the timing of the school day tricky. One day she was late for Collective Worship! After school on Tuesday, Mrs Court runs Lego club which the children love and Mrs Court is surrounded by Lego. There is a big waiting list because this is such a popular club. Mrs Court says, “Don’t worry! You will have a chance next time!”
Next week, we will report on the clubs in school!