Learning Partnerships

We are really proud of the way our school looks to work with other schools to improve outcomes for children. Although the school is no longer federated with Ashlands and Misterton First Schools, close links remain and a management team work together across the three schools to provide shared training opportunities for staff as well as transition events for children. For example the Year 4 children from the three schools shared a residential trip together last year. We are also a proud member of the Crewkerne and Ilminster Schools Partnership (CISP) and we work with the other schools in our local area to provide the best possible learning experience for the children in Ilminster and Crewkerne from 4 through til 18.

​We have worked closely as a group of schools and have embarked on a progression project and the plan can be downloaded below:
 - CISP Progression Plan

​The partnership can boast a number of successes. Groups have been set up where Subject Leaders are able to meet and share ideas. There have been a number of moderation events where teachers can ensure that assessments are accurate and that children are getting the best possible deal. Opportunities have been created for students at Wadham, Swanmead and Maiden Beech to lead learning events for children in our first schools. We are especially proud of our Calculation Policy. It has been devised by all of our CISP maths leaders and children have been involved in filming short video clips to accompany the strategies in the policy. This document can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.


- CISP Joint Calculation Policy with Video Links                                


To find out more about CISP, use the icons below to download the CISP information leaflet, visit the CISP website, look at the CISP facebook page or follow CISP on twitter:

- CISP Information Leaflet                    ​