​Online Safety

For children the internet is an exciting place to explore. There are many benefits for improving learning, developing social skills and for showing a window on the world which as parents we did not experience when we were young.

St. Bartholomew's has a wide range of resources that protect children online. These range from internet filters, established procedures and policies and educating our children to be safe, responsible citizens online. We do however need to ensure that we all play our part in ensuring that everybody stays safe. We ask parents to contribute to their child's online safety through supervising and talking to children when they are on the computer, reinforcing safe behaviour and monitoring the use of any social network sites by adding them as a friend.

In many cases parents feel that they know less than their children about computers and the internet. To help parents there are plenty of resources and advice that can be found on the Somerset eLIM website. There are also excellent resources at the following w​ebsites. To access them, click the logo.

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