School Lunches‚Äč 

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With the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals in September 2014, the school has decided to cook its own hot school meals on site. This has allowed the school to keep the food hotter for longer giving the children a much better experience. The school fully controls the menu and we are proud to offer seven different meal options each day with a choice of 3 desserts! We have also been able to reduce the cost of a meal to our older children to £2 for two courses! We are allergen aware and are able to cater for the dietary needs of any child, we are proud that our menu fully complies with the new food standards. To download a copy of our latest menu - please click below!

               March 2018 R-Yr3 menu.docxMarch 2018 R-Yr3 menu.docx    March 2018 Yr4 menu.docxMarch 2018 Yr4 menu.docx