​Dragon Class​​​ 2018-2019

Year 4

Welcome to Dragon​ Class!


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Homework is handed out on Fridays and due in by the following Thursday. We will complete spelling tests on Thursday afternoons. While sepcific times tables homework will be given each week, we do encourage children to be learning all their times tables. This includes practising everyday or whenever possible. All children have their own unique logon for Times Tables Rockstars and the login page can be found here - https://ttrockstars.com/login - The children have been given their own log on details, but if you would like another copy please contact Mrs Dexter


Thank You for the Projects!

I would just like to say a huge well done and thank you to everyone for their hard work on the Ancient Egypt projects. I was amazed by the detail that was included as well as the creative ways in which children shared their information.

A project to accompany our topic for this term will be announced shortly before the half term break.



​Sedar Plates

During the Autumn Term, Dragon Class explore the story of Passover as part of learning about the Jewish celebration. As part of our learning, the children created their own Sedar Plates for the Sedar meal which is eaten as part of the celebration. Each part of the meal represents a different part of the story.

Beitzah (an egg) represents the holiday offering brought in the days of the Holy Temple.
Zeroah (a shank bone) represents the lamb that was sacrificed the night before the escape from slavery (the Exodus).
Maror (horseradish root) represents the suffering and bitterness of the lives of slaves in Egypt.
Karpas (a small slice of onion, boiled potato or sprigs of parsley) represents the salty tears cried by the slaves.
Charoset (a mixture of apples, nuts and wine) represents the mortar and brick made by the Jews when they worked for Pharaoh.
Chazeret (lettuce) represents the bitterness of slavery.

Here are just some pictures of the children with their completed plates.

IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0793.JPG


God's Creation Task

​In the Autumn Term, Dragon Class discussed the idea of being stewards of creation, taking care of everything that forms part of God's creation. As part of our topic this term, we will be holding discussions on deforestation and reasons why this takes place as well as the postivie and negative impacts. In preparation for this, we are encouraging discussions at home about where different products come from and the miles the products we use may have travelled before they reach us.

Ancient Egyptian Artwork

During the Autumn Term, the children of Dragon Class created some brilliant examples of different artistic pieces with Mrs Horn. These included scarab beetles using mixed media and Ancient Egyptian Death Masks inspired by Tutankhamun!


Carymoor Environmental Trust Visit

Earlier this term, Gary from the Carymoor Envrionmental Trust visited the school. Our class were lucky enough to participate in a workshop creating greenhouses out of old plastic bottles.
We learnt about the impact of plastic on our environment, where plastic comes from and how we can reuse different items to help reduce our impact on the environment.





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