​I​mp Class​​


Welcome to Imp Class​


Imps are characteristically described as small, quick and full of energy!
In Imp Class we aim to help the children have the best possible start to their school life.
​Click here for this year's curriculum map: Curriculum Map EYFS 2018-19.docx

Getting Ready

To really help your child be ready for school life it is most important to concentrate on the basic needs in life.  School is a major step forward on a child's
 road to independence.  There will be lots of helping hands but the ratio of adults to children can never be as good as at home.
Your child should now be increasingly self-sufficient in managing simple everyday tasks such as:
Hanging up their coat.
Blowing their nose (and disposing of the tissue in a bin!).
Going to the toilet by themselves and washing their hands.  (Often boys have not or have rarely encountered a urinal.)
Dressing and changing for P.E. (ensuring that the clothes they change from are put in a neat pile).
Being responsible for putting books, toys and equipment away after them.
All of these skills take time to develop. We realise that not every child will come to school with the whole list ticked! 
We will always be there to help and encourage, but a happy school life is, and always will be, dependent upon a partnership between home and school.
Foundation Stage (Reception Class)
The foundation stage curriculum is organised into six areas of learning:
Personal, social and emotional development
Communication, language and Literacy
Problem solving, reasoning and Numeracy
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Physical development
Creative development
Early years experience builds on what children already know and can do.  We will work to ensure that all children feel included, secure and valued in an atmosphere of mutual respect, within which children can have security and confidence.
Learning for young children is a rewarding and enjoyable experience in which they explore, investigate, discover, practise, rehearse, repeat, revise and consolidate their developing knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.  During the foundation stage, many of these aspects of learning are brought together effectively through playing and talking.


Click here for this term's Topic Web:Summer 2 Topic Web.pdf

Spring Term

Our topic for this term in 'Stick Man'

Stick Man goes on a long, cold, snowy journey.


Imp Class were excited to explore Winter in more detail.

Here are some of our favourite Winter activities. 

Ice painting

Exploring ice and melting

We found a key in the ice block.

Watching the ice melt.

Looking at Winter books.

Winter small world activities.​

We have been learning a Stick Man song. Look at our song map.


Imp class have done some Marvelous Maths this week! 


Autumn Term

The children loved making their own salt dough Christmas decorations.​



Read, Write, Inc

Today we have started our Read, Write Inc phonic scheme.
Every couple of days we will learn how to say, read and write a new sound. 
Your child will bring home a sheet to practise writing their new sound. Please let them share it with you and encourage help them to sound and write the letter.
 These sheets are for you to keep at home so that you can return to them and revise them with your child.
 Don’t worry if they are finding it tricky, we will be continuously revisiting and revising these sounds in the classroom.
 Above all give them lots of praise and enjoy sharing their learning.
Any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you,
Miss Paisey
What a fantastic first few weeks in Imp class!​

Miss Paisey and Mrs Milverton are looking forward to welcoming the Imps this week.




The most important thing during this term is that your children feel happy and confident coming to school, and that we get to know your children in order to make their first year at St. Benedict's a fantastic adventure. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Preparation for Reception Year.



Imp Class Assembly

On Thursday this week Imp class did their first assembly to introduce themselves to the rest of the school. They told the school their names, what they like doing and shared some of their learning all about themselves and what they can do. The children showing us ways in which they were the same and different to Mr Birkett! 




Today the Fire Brigade vistited the school. 

The children enjoyed learning about the different jobs that the Fire Fighters do
 and how to keep safe in the case of a fire.​

The children are enjoying learning their sounds.​










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